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Migration policy

Definition, Concept and Meaning: Migration policy

Politics is an activity that tends to make the good of the community, and in this case it is applied to migration, or the movement of people from one state to another. Migration can occur through marriage, to ensure family unity, for work, tourism, training, to improve living conditions, etc., but you need to predict whether or not there will be limits and controls for entry and stay of immigrants.

In countries like Canada, immigration policy is large, because its population density is low, and therefore try to attract those who want to settle there. Other countries such as the United States has a restrictive immigration policy, and require a visa to enter, allowing them to stay for a while, and to settle in the country are very demanding requirements, which determines the existence of a large number of illegal immigrants .
With the creation of regional markets allowed greater and freer movement of goods and people between countries that comprise them, as in the MERCOSUR and the European Union. However in the NAFTA, the circulation does not include people, especially because the U.S. (rich country) restricts entry to their country of Mexican humble, but integrate their economic bloc. Meanwhile Mexico, under Article 33 of its Constitution, allows the expulsion of foreigners following a legal process and prevents them from inmiscuise in government policy in any way.
Argentina is a country open to immigration, as stated in the Preamble to the Constitution, something similar happens with Venezuela and Australia.

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