What is the meaning of Pharmacy? Concept, Definition of Pharmacy


Definition of Pharmacy

He is known as the pharmacy to the science that studies how to prepare, store and combine products to create remedies against diseases. These products can be both natural and artificial. Pharmacy comes from the latin pharmacĭa, and this in turn from the Greek φαρμακία.
A person specializing in pharmacy today, is dedicated mostly to the expense of drugs and work in Social security systems, either in the review of drugs for safety and effectiveness or as providers of information to users.

Previous to the 20th centuries, the creation of drugs was in charge of a master pharmacist. However, this changed when the first large corporations and pharmaceutical industras, who began to develop drugs using large teams of scientists, which included chemists and biologists were. Currently, the pharmacists who work in drug development hand in hand collaborate with scientists in other areas, which has allowed to launch more specialized and effective medicines.
The word pharmacy not only refers to the science that studies the medications, but also to the commercial establishment where medicinal products are available. Depending on the country, pharmacies may or not sell any medications freely. In order to avoid that people automedique in ways that could be dangerous, the laws of many countries require that the sale of many drugs is carried out only if the user presents a prescription.
There are many types of commercial pharmacies. Although the most common are the community, there are also pharmacies in hospital, that as its name indicates, are installed in hospitals and handle more complex and specialized, drugs that are not sold by community pharmacies either by its high cost or low demand they have.
With the take-off of the Internet, also have become popular pharmacies online, which are similar to community pharmacies but which offer the user advantages such as anonymity or, for those who cannot leave home, the possibility of receiving medication at the door of the home.

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