What is the meaning of State terrorism? Concept, Definition of State terrorism

State terrorism

States have a monopoly of force to fulfill its purpose, but must use that right rationally and according to the laws. When the state through its rulers repressed population, harasses, chases, systematically, to get to dominate through fear, avoiding any act of resistance to oppression, this way of acting is called State terrorism, which is an abuse of its coercive power, where civilians are kidnapped, tortured or killed without trial, and without the guarantees of due process.
The Jacobins in revolutionary France of the eighteenth century imposed a reign of terror, killing political opponents, during the Ottoman Empire (1915-1917) is `the genocide of civilians of Armenian nationality, in China, the Communist leader Mao Tse-Tung, in 1950, after winning the revolution, imposed a state terrorism, which left millions dead, by a policy of persecution of their ideological opponents, and hunger and misery against the peasants, who had to deliver their products to export and pay debts. Stalin in the Soviet Union also repressive policies practiced since left ideology.
The right was not foreign to state terrorism, as implemented in Latin America by the so-called "Operation Condor" against people who had ideas left, during the 1970s. Governments de facto exercised by the military junta in Argentina, and the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, are clear examples of unlimited powers, which subjugated the most basic rights of citizenship, with kidnappings, torture and theft of babies who were accused as subversive.

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