What is the meaning of Terrorism? Concept, Definition of Terrorism


The word terrorism is formed by the word of Latin origin "terror" which means tremor and "ismus" which refers to an ideology or doctrine.
We define terrorism as an ideology they have and put into practice violent civil groups seeking through the planned use of terror, sowing panic in the society by crimes or other offenses against persons or property, destabilize a government or achieve certain claims.

These practices of intimidation, when carried out by those in power to dominate the population and impose rules on a whim, called state terrorism. In the latter sense, the French Jacobins gave it a very strong example when they got to come to power between June 1793 and July 1794, at which time mercilessly eliminated all opposition to his regime.
In the first sense, as actions of a violent group that holds no political power, but he wants to press on it, revenge attitudes of certain governments, or take them down, terrorism differs acting within the borders of a country as subversion bringing together groups with left-wing ideas in Latin America of the 70s, like ERP and Montoneros in Argentina or Tupamaros in Uruguay, or the Colombian guerrillas or the ETA in Spain, and international terrorism, which acts outside their own borders, as with Islamic terrorism. The criminal actions of these groups is supported by its members with intended purposes of justice. A terrible example of international terrorism, is the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers.

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