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Definition, Concept and Meaning: Video

The video defines all the technology involved in recording, production, editing, processing, and reproduction of a series of images that make up scenes with movement. The word comes from the latin vidĕo, which means I see, and can be written with or without an accent on the I.
Video technology was developed for use in the early television systems. Charles Ginsburg was the first to develop, together with a team of researchers, the first VTR, which allowed record sequences to be then stored on magnetic tapes. For when he was introduced, by 1956 and beyond, the VTR represented a revolution in the way of transmitting television programs. Unlike some similar systems that were released a few years before, the equipment developed by Ginsburg was much more advanced, but its high cost, about $50,000, was that only the large television networks could acquire them.
Later on, and as with most technologies, the price of recording technologies was falling steadily, and in 1971, Sony introduced the first home VCR, which enjoyed a huge market success. VCRs were growing sales until the DVD was released and demand slumped dramatically.
The word video is also closely related to the films or films. A film is also a continuous succession of images, and over time many of them have gone down in history as true works of art.
It was in the 19th century when it began to experiment with the first films and videos. Eadweard Muybridge is credited with the creation of the first film of the story, which was nothing more than a sequence of a horse galloping along a track for several seconds. For this purpose, Muybridge placed white sheets of background and design a device that will activate the cameras when the horse will pass in front of them. Thus, to join them, they could be seen in a device called a zoopraxiscope. The video was titled "The horse in Motion", and today you can see on video websites such as Youtube.

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