What is the meaning of Barbarism? Concept, Definition of Barbarism

Definition of barbarism - its concept and meaning

From the barbaric term can refer the fierceness and cruelty that has in its essence and its way of behaving in an individual, a group, among other alternatives. Barbarity in which this political grouping became really very scary.
Also, the use of the term when wanting to realize the rusticity and the lack of culture, showing someone, or a group, is very common in their actions. Barbarism excels and stands out in your brother, is regrettable.
Meanwhile, are often called barbaro to that person who just presents uncomportamiento gross, reckless, violent and lacking in all kind of urbanity.
Although, it should be noted also, that the Romans knew to call barbarians to those foreign peoples who possessed different to the Roman customs and that they believed were rude and very primitive.
It is therefore of this original conception that knew how to hold the term, in times of the Roman Empire, the words barbarian and barbarism, began to be used to mean the opposite of what is understood as guidelines agreed and accepted within a community.
In both, it is important to highlight that the concept of barbarism, or better said, to what is considered barbaric, will be closely linked to stance who apply or use, i.e., that for a culture is barbarism to another may not be, for example, for the Europeans of the past human sacrifices constituted acts of barbarism, while for some native American peoples such action was not but it constituted an essential part of their rites and customs.
Normal and historically, to the concept of barbarism it is presented in contrast, faced with the concept of civilization.

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