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Definition - Concept and Meaning of User

Definition of - its concept and meaning User

A user is the individual who uses or works with any object or device or uses any service in particular.

For computing is a user person who uses a computer or a device that performs multiple operations with different purposes. It is often a user who purchases a computer or electronic device and that uses it to communicate with other users, generate content and documents, using software of various kinds and many other possible actions.
A user is model or average who have in mind the development of hardware and computer software companies ever designed a new device or application. This user is not necessarily one particularly instructed or trained in the use of new technologies, or in programming or development, by which the interface of the device in question should be simple and easy to learn. However, each type of development has its own user model and for some companies the parameter of each user is different.

There are different types of users. For example, the end user is that customer or consumer of computer software and hardware that uses social, professional or personal purposes. The registered user is a term quite used in the development of applications and web sites that require some form of registration or membership to be used. Today many web sites as social networks require a simple and free registration that allows the user access to benefits, capabilities, and a custom account. On the other hand, the anonymous user is one who browse web sites or online services without authenticating and therefore does not provide personal data to the developer. An anonymous user has less privileges often, but can also be considered that access to a greater protection of your personal information. Another type of user is the tester, which dealt with review the capabilities of a program or web site in order to verify that they are operating correctly.

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Definition of the word User

The dictionary of the Real Academia Española (RAE) defines the concept of user simplicity and precision: a user is one who ordinarily wears something. The term, which comes from the latin usuarĭus, mentions that uses some kind of object or person is recipient of a service, whether private or public.

For example: "telecommunication users have right to claim that operators comply with what you promise in your promotions", "a Facebook user committed suicide to criticisms that his friends left in your virtual wall", "good afternoon, I would like to make a claim for the interruption of the service, my user number is 53542".

The notion of user is very popular in the field of computer science. In this sense, a user can both be a person like a computer or software, since the concept is linked to access to certain resources or devices.

Referred to as the end user to the person you are for a product when it has already passed the various stages of development. It is, therefore, of the person who has a direct interaction with the product.

The registered user is someone who has an ID (user name) and an access key or password to make use of a service on the Internet. The registration process can be free or pay. After registering, the user gets an own account that stores your personal information (your name, address e-mail, etc.) and that allows you to access information not available for those who are not registered on the system in question.

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Concept of the word User

It is called the user, Word that derives from the Latin word "usuarius" the agent who uses or makes use of a good or service.

Those who acquire cars, appliances, or electronic items in general, these are accompanied by instructions on its proper use in a small "user manual".

Those who enjoy services, public or private, are also users, for example: service user of water, fixed or mobile, phone users of the public transport users, and so on.

It is a concept very used in computing to refer to who uses the tools or devices that gives you the system, through your computer to communicate with other people, write, publish ideas, exchange them in forums, etc., and may be registered or anonymous. In the e-mails, among other services, is required to access them, place the password and user name that we have chosen, to guard the information.

In legal sense, use, is a real right on others which originated in Roman law, allowing the quality of user, who had by agreement of parties or testamentary provision in its infancy, be able to use the thing that wasn't owner, without entitlement to fruition. This concept evolved into the current forms where the user can perceive the fruits of the alien thing, just as soon as needed you. In property law, who is the owner of the domain, you can also use, or can it be transferred to another, for example if the property is affected to a usufruct or a rental.

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