Top 10 Most Beautiful Moths in The World

1.) Texas Wasp Moth (Horama panthalon)

This winged creature is definitely one of the most brilliantly colored and most beautiful moths in the world. It is commonly called Texas Wasp Moth that can be found in North and South America. Compared to most moth species, it is differently structured and mimics a paper wasp species of the genus Polistes.

2.) Garden Tiger Moth (Actia caja)

This moth is beautiful but it is deadly. The brightly colored Garden Tiger Moth with wingspan of up to 65 mm has varied wing designs. Its vibrant coloration serves as a warning to predators because its body fluids are poisonous.

3.) Scarlet Tiger Moth (Callimorpha dominula)

The Scarlet Tiger Moth is definitely a contender for the most brilliantly colored moths in the world. This colorful moth can be found in Europe and western and central Asia. This pretty moth can occur in rare color forms, one with yellow hindwings and body and one with extended black on hindwings.

4.) Alcides agathyrsus

Blue-colored animals are simply stunning like the lovely looking Alcides agathyrsus, a moth species that can be found from Indonesia to New Guinea. This impressively pretty moth is mimicked by Papilio laglaizei.

5.) Brahmin Moth (Brahmaea wallichii)

Take a close look at those beautiful designs and patterns. They are simply spectacular which makes the Brahmaea wallichii one of the most intricately patterned moths in the world. At a glance it can be mistaken for a unique species of bird. It can be found India, China, Taiwan, Myanmar and Japan.

6.) Croker’s Frother (Amerila crockery)

This moth is perfectly and brightly colored. It is commonly known as Croker’s Frother and can be found in New South Wales and Queensland in Australia. This pretty winged creature with a wingspan of up 50 mm can be found also in New Guinea and New Britain.

7.) Small Emperor Moth (Pavonia pavonia)

The Small Emperor Moth is a beautiful and colorful moth. This moth is distinct for the eye-spots in all of its wings. It can be found in the Palearctic region.   The male species of Small Emperor Moth flies during the day from April to June in search for females. Females of this species are nocturnal.

8.) Madagascan Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia rhipheus)

The beautiful and colorful Madagascan Sunset Moth is one of the few day-flying moths. This impressive moth is considered to be one of the most sought after and most impressive in the world. It is also known simply as Sunset Moth and has a wingspan of up to centimeters.

9.) Luna Moth (Actias luna)

The saying “Simplicity is beauty” goes well with the Luna Moth. Not so brightly colored but it looks pretty and attractive. It can be found in North America and is regarded as one of the largest in the continent with a wingspan of up to 4.5 inches. This uniquely-shaped and lime-green moth belongs to the Saturniinae subfamily.

10.) Hornet Moth (Sesia apiformis)

This colorful insect named Hornet Moth is a large bulky moth which is a brilliant natural imitation of a hornet. We all know for a fact that hornets are dangerous creatures because of their painful stings but the Hornet Moth is absolutely harmless. This lovely-looking moth is also known as Hornet Clearwing.

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