What is the meaning of Control? Concept, Definition of Control

Definitions and concepts of Control

Definition of Control

Control can be both a key such as an application or device on a technological system that allows you to perform various operations and implement various functionalities.
Control refers to devices like the TV remote control, and the control on a computer keyboard key, either to another type of device or application that gives a user access to one or more features of use in particular.
Remote control or remote control is a very common electronic device used to give remote commands to a machine, often a TV, DVD, computer, alarm, etc. The main function of this device is permitted to operate away from the device or processor, which helps make the user experience more comfortable and quicker. This device usually communicate with signals from infrared which are sent to the primary device. For example, the remote control of a TV allows switching on and off, raise or lower the volume, change channel, and many other more specific functions.
For computing, on the other hand, the Control key is a key that is pressed in combination with another for the purpose of carrying out a special operation often. For example, in conjunction with Alt and del opens Task Manager. This key is located at the bottom of the keyboard, trying to ease his oppression along with others.
Other control devices can be a position or a control system that operates on others. Alternatively, a control tower that regulates the operation of a system or set of systems. A control unit can be different types of peripherals that are in charge of reviewing a system to function properly or to respond to default instructions.

Concept of Control

The control word comes from the French word Contrôle and means testing, inspection, control or intervention. You can also refer to the domain, control and dominance, or regulation on a system.
Control, on the other hand, is the Office, Office or unit which is controlled. Why you can speak of job control.
To the device that allows regular remote operation of an appliance, it is called remote control (or remote control). Such devices enables the management of the TV or DVD player, for example.
The control tower, on the other hand, is a building in a tower from where an airport or a port traffic is handled. The control room is located in its upper part, since the location and height of the tower are essential for the visualization of the zone that is intended to control.
Another type of control is birth control, formed by mechanisms for limiting the number of births.
In terms of traction control, it's a car safety system designed to prevent the loss of adhesion of the vehicle, which can happen when the driver accelerates in excess or when it performs a violent change in direction.
Finally, noteworthy that Control is a British film directed by Anton Corbijn, released in 2007. The film focuses on the life of Ian Curtis, the late singer of Joy Division post-punk band.

Definition of Control

The word control is etymologically derived from the Latin word "contra rotullus" where spent into French as "contre role" and resulted in "check". The paper roll was a duplicate of the original that served to prove that the latter was authentic. Hence control the meaningful inspect, corroborate and verify that things are carried out in the right way or in accordance with the objectives.
That can be controlled are things or apparatus, as it is the case with the remote control, that lets you run at distance, or living things, for example, to control a wild horse, it is necessary to tame it, to take action according to our requirements.
In people, this control is exercised by those who have the power to controller, which in the case of a company can be a Chief, a Manager or a Director, to verify that appropriate goods are purchased, that staff meets the schedule, not missing money in box, who treats customers well, and so on.
Planning, be checked to see if the performance is intended or if changes must be made.
In the bosom of home, parents control their children as soon as they should ensure sueducacion.
To achieve the social control and those who integrate a Community act according to what is considered valuable, creates social and legal norms, and institutions such as school, Church, or used propaganda, and can in extreme cases, impose those patterns of behaviour through coercion.
In a State exercised control over their members, who verify compliance with tax obligations (fiscal control), with the basic norms of coexistence (urban control) so not it violates Security (policing) that are not imported or exported goods without paying taxes (customs control) and so on.
Not only control is exercised at the level social, but also individual, being necessary the self control to dominate our impulses and passions negative.

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