What is the meaning of Corrective maintenance? Concept, Definition of Corrective maintenance

Definitions and concepts of corrective maintenance

Definition of corrective maintenance

Within peacekeeping operations, referred to as corrective maintenance, one who corrects the defects observed in the equipment or facilities, is the most basic form of maintenance and consists of locating faults or defects and fix them or repair them.
It is historically the first concept of maintenance that I raise, and the only one until the first world war, due to the simplicity of machines, equipment and facilities of the time, maintenance was synonymous to repair what was damaged. Later argue that the maintenance not only had that correct faults, but I had to pre-empt them by ensuring the proper functioning of machines, preventing faults and their consequence delay, giving rise to what is called: preventive maintenance which is it does, preventively in equipment in operation, in subsequent troubleshooting evictionguaranteeing a lifetime of reliable use.

Concept of Corrective maintenance

The concept of maintenance refers to the actions, activities, that have as purpose the maintenance of an appliance, machinery, a product, among others, or in his absence the restoration of any of these so that it can deploy its functionality in a satisfactory manner.
It should be noted that this type of activity is carried out by individuals who boast a vast experience and deep knowledge regarding the computer or machine that maintained.
Meanwhile, the work will involve a series of actions that usually depart from the same inspection.
In this first phase, the professional in charge of maintenance will make measurements, preflight, with the mission to find the malfunction of the device in the event that it is primarily either to corroborate that the machine is operating as expected.
In the event that you discover a fault will be to your array through actions that correspond to that product or appliance to regain its original activity and techniques.
There are two types of maintenance, on the one hand, the maintenance of conservation that is the one from which the typical wear and tear that causes prolonged use will equalise climatic agents, among others. And on the other hand maintenance update which is one whose purpose is to update the new technological proposals, which did not take into account or directly at the time of the manufacture of the device did not exist, but which are currently Yes required as essential.
Now, within the maintenance of conservation we find two types, the corrective which is that we are dealing in this review and the pre-emptive call.
Then the corrective maintenance will be one that focuses exclusively on the correction of defects that can be seen in operation and facilities for from this repair and return the correct functionality. That if this type may have two modes, a that she knows how immediate and you shall be of way followed by the observation of the fault with the media which is counted; While the deferred, will mean the stoppage of the equipment in question to then carry out his arrangement.
And in preventive maintenance, as its name already anticipates it us, what is done is a check that ensures the operation of the equipment to prevent the succession of the fault.

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