What is the meaning of Corrective? Concept, Definition of Corrective

Concepts and definitions of Corrective

Definition of corrective

A corrective is a measure that is applied with a mission to correct or improve what is not in accordance with what is considered positive, valuable, or in accordance with the purposes set out. Corrected once the flaw has been detected, to repair it.
With respect to the artifacts, consists in identifying faults, cracks or malfunctions to the effect that to be effective, or avoid that you deepen elproblema again. This is what is known as corrective maintenance, maintenance carried out before the appear the drawbacks (preventive maintenance) being much more productive.
In medicine, they are called corrective, to some substances which are intended to counteract the unwanted effects of other medicines, and to some elementosque are placed to improve posture and the position of the bones. This qualification also applies to certain physical exercises that produce these last two effects.
Vision problems are enhanced by the use of corrective lenses.
In sport applies to the action of a team that defeats another loose mode.
Also used to refer to punishments, of minor importance, for example those who parents impose on their children or teachers to their students. "The corrective imposed Juan was exemplary. By copying in the examination you must pay the full course year-end".
When it has been a planning and process control checks that it is not becoming in accordance with planned, it is necessary to consider a new direction, applying the necessary corrective measures, to ensure the results. For example: has submitted the proposal for developing a series of contents in the course of a school year, and found very little missing to finish missing many topics to develop, since there have been unforeseen interruptions. It will be necessary to apply corrective action (give more tasks for the home, synthesize taught, prevent absenteeism, etc) in order to achieve the purpose.

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