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Definition of bigamy

Bigamy. The status of the man or woman married to two people at the same time. It is not permitted in the Western world.
Bigamy is a legal term that refers to the situation that occurs when a person enters any number of 'secondary' marriages in addition to the original which is recognized legally; and you can be punished with jail. Many countries have specific laws prohibiting bigamy, and considered crime any child marriage.
Bigamy comes into the classification of polygamy, which is more general. This raises:
"Type of marriage in which is allowed to a person being married with several individuals at the same time."
According to this definition:
• Polygamy decomposes into: "Poly = many" and "deer = marriage", referring to "several marriages".
• Bigamy is decomposed into: "bi = two" and "deer = marriage", referring to "only two marriages".
Both the one and the other are punishable or not, depending on the country or State in which the marriage occurs. In Western countries it is considered a crime that takes years in prison, while part of the African continent and the Eastern countries, it is permissible.

Concept of bigamy

Bigamy is a legal term that refers to when a person enters any number of "secondary" marriages in addition to one that is legally recognized and can be punished with jail. Many countries have specific laws prohibiting bigamy, and considered crime any child marriage.
Bigamy is fundamentally based on a second marriage, when the person is already married.
A very small minority of polygamous families use a system of multiple divorces and a legal marriage. The husband House to the first wife, she takes his surname, divorce her and House the second, she takes his surname. This is repeated until the husband has been married and divorced all the wives, except maybe the last. In this way all the wives feel justified to call Lady (surname of her husband), and even when they are legally divorced from her husband, are acting as if they were married to him and expect that you people to her around as well to recognize them. In the case of polyandry, the woman is which divorced consecutively.
Since only one wife is married to the husband at the same time, does not exist any legal breach, and thus this polygamous family can cope with their relationship. A recent case in the State of Utah, where the husband sought to take advantage of it to defraud the pension system (living even with all his wives) has impacted on jurisprudence censoring this practice.

Meaning of bigamy

Bigamy comes from the Greek word formed by "Bis" referring to "Two times" and "Deer" for marriage, together form "Double double". Then you can determine that bigamy is when a person marries a second chance without having legitimately dissolved first marriage, thus causing a double simultaneous union. Bigamy comes from the civilizations that were allowed that men had two or more women, the power of masculinity and submissive female inferiority allowed such driving, however, the formation of new companies, with fundamentals more religious and less patronizing with lust and I founded bad habits, laws and rules limiting multiple marriage.
Monogamy has been one of the essential elements of the marriage along with the indissolubility. Should be noted that, in Roman law stated that: "marriage is the union of a man and a woman approached the unity of life". For its part, the Church was emerging, from the 11th and 12th centuries, the basic outlines of Canon law, for which marriage can only be between "one man and one woman". Legally in the majority of Western countries when there is bigamy is considered a crime that can be punished with jail.
There are countries in the West where relations are accepted polygamous (when relate to more than one individual at a time), whether they are poliginias (when a man related with more than one woman at the same time) or poliandrias (a female relationship with more than one man at a time); but are not accepted their unions marriage with all the individuals of their relationship, so the individual either the man or woman who will relate to multiple male or female partners respectively, is will marrying and divorcing until he married with the last individual of the relationship, generally. For example: If a man decides to have a polygamous relationship this marries the first wife of the relationship, then he divorced when a second woman binds and so on until the last of the relationship, this is to keep the name of her husband and be considered Lady and continue with the polygamous relationship. In the same way it happens with polyandry.

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