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Definition of Fagia

The fagia is a term ecological or behavioral used to identify particular systems of nutrition or feeding behavior. It comes from the Greek phagein, eat with the Indo-European root bhag. The suffix - fagia - phage and - faga are used to name different types of fagia:
• Bacteriofagia: eat bacteria.
• Coprophagia: eating feces.
• Fitofagia: eat plants.
• Foliofagia: eat leaves.
• Geophagy: eat Earth.
• Hematophagy: eating blood.
• Lepidophagy: eat flakes.
• Monofago monofagia: power based on only one type of food (e.g. a single species).
• Scavenging: eating dead animals.
• Ophiophagy: eat snakes.
• Oligofagia: feeding with few specific types of food (e.g. a single genus of plants).
• Oophagy: eating eggs.
• Paedofagia: eat hatchlings of other species.
• Polyphagia: feeding on many kinds of food (e.g. all or many) of a family of plant species.
• Rizofagia: eat roots.
• Saprofagia: eat decomposing organic matter.
• Xylophagy: eat wood.
The fagia term can also be used to eat in a specific way, normal or abnormal (e.g. dysphagia: swallowing dysfunction).
The root of the term is used as a prefix in other words, such as phagocytosis (the role of specialized cells that can eat matter inorganic or organic, including other cells).

Concept of Fagia

The term Fagia comes from the Greek "Phagei" which tells us to "Eat". It is used as a prefix or suffix to determine conduct food or nutrition. Usually the different facets of a Fagia are driven by a bad eating habit, this coupled with a digestive problem by nature that the presenting patient. These anomalies, some considered diseases, should be treated with strict medical supervision, tied to a strict dietary regime which is mainly eliminated the possible source of the evil. Other types of Fagia show us an excessive attraction to some food in particular, these conditions could become diseases, since the body to adapt to a single type of food, no longer receive nutrients and proteins that contain other foods.
The fagias are descriptive of hobbies or own an abnormal psychological state compulsions, these are associated with mental and psychological problems that drag behaviors extras such as violence or aggressiveness. If he is repressed to a person with a Fagia the need to ingest your desired bite your desire indicate you make every effort to find it, no matter in many cases that present obstacles may affect the normal life of the society that surrounds it. Most of these adictivitas fagias happen with food or products that are not healthy, others are too extreme and listed below, we can see that they have a place for them alone.

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