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Godfather: Compendium of definitions and concepts

Definition of godfather

The Godfather is a figure mainly-Christian religions, which assists another person in certain sacraments.
Towards the 2nd century d. C., baptism was regarded mainly as a ceremony for purification and social initiation of children. The requirement for the confession of faith required the presence of adults who acted as guarantors of the child. They pronounced the confession of faith of their represented and he guaranteed his spiritual education. These guarantors were usually the child's natural parents, as towards the year 408 emphasized St. Augustine who suggested that, exceptionally, they could be other individuals. The Corpus Juris Civilis indicates that in a century this role of parents had been replaced completely. The role of godparents was clarified in the year 813 in the Council of Munich, which prohibited natural parents act as godparents for their own children.
The sacraments that are usually present a godfather, godmother, or both are:
In baptism are usually present a godfather and a godmother, though, you can be sure only one of them. Its function is to assist in your Christian initiation to the adult who was baptized and, together with parents, submit to the child who is going to receive baptism and to ensure that later carry a consistent Christian life with baptism and faithfully fulfil the duties inherent to the same.
Godparents are usually family or friends of the family.
When you receive the sacrament of confirmation, a godfather accompanies the receiver of the sacrament. Its function in this case is testimonial. You don't have to be the godfather of the baptism.
On the sacrament of marriage Canon law not set that godparents but witnesses, has even though it is prevalent, especially in Latin America, call these witnesses godparents, and, there being no opposition by the pastors of the particular churches, is considered an accepted custom. It is common that these "godfathers" join up to the altar to the boyfriend of the opposite sex. They don't have to be godparents in baptism or confirmation of any of the bride and groom.
The Godfather may be the person who holds the person who is going to be circumcised, in this case acts as a sandek. Or that takes the child from the mother's arms and takes him to the room where you will circumcise in this case is called kvater.
Godfather is a person who performs a sponsorship. The sponsorship allows you to cooperate in the improvement of the living conditions of a child of a vulnerable population, those of his family and their environment through development projects that benefit an entire community. For this reason both sponsored children and those who are not benefiting from the same programs, receiving education, adequate food and medical care when they need it.
The Godfather in the scout movement is the person who guides his godson when making his promise. The role of the Godfather begins at the same promise ceremony and continues throughout the life of the scout. The Godfather should be a promesado scout and is freely chosen by the promesado.

Concept of godfather

Term that comes from the latin patrinus and refers to a person who assists another when it receives the sacrament of baptism, of confirmation or marriage and agree that thereafter, the mission to inform and instruct the Godson on the truths and duties of the Christian life.
A godfather is also a person who protects or helps another in needs, ambitions or designs, ensuring their well-being at all times. -Grossing movie "Godfather" or "The godfather", American film directed by Francis f. Coppola in 1973, adapted from the novel by Mario Puzzo has presented a clear example of this role.
Without a doubt, it was one of the most famous films of the 20th century, narrated in four chapters, showing in part recent years of a New York mafia boss and the transfer of power to his son. The two following films are complemented with the biography of the youth of the "Godfather" and the vicissitudes of his successor subjected to changes in society over the years 50′.
Scenes of suspense, drama, power and ambition underscores the influence of this personality in the various conflicts occurred, starring finest figures as Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Robert de Niro.
At present, we find that several NGOs and other institutions responsible for ensuring social welfare, grant the possibility of sponsoring a child to those individuals wishing to do so. This role enables any person through his "patronage" to improve the living conditions of a child in a vulnerable situation, collaborating for their food, education or medical care as required.

Definition of godfather

The Godfather is a male person who provides assistance to another individual within the framework of a sacrament that taught Catholicism. When someone is declared Godfather of another subject in a baptism or confirmation, acquires certain moral obligations linked to the aid and the protection of his friend.
For example: "We must choose who will be the godfather of our son", was "when Josuel informed me that it would be the godfather of Brian, I very touched", "tonight I can not pass by your House: I was that I would go to dinner with my godfather".
It is usual considered that the Godfather is who should take care of children who sponsor (llamadosahijados) in the absence of their parents. The Godfather figure, however, is currently rather symbolic. Usually the parents of the child who will be baptized chosen as godfather to a friend or family member.
From this meaning, the idea of godfather is also used to appoint one providing protection or who accompanies another person in his development (personal, professional, etc.): "this singer always appoints Mick Jagger as its artistic godfather", "I have to thank Don Martín, who was my godfather in this company".
The Godfather figure, on the other hand, appears in the scope of the mafia. In this sense, a godfather is someone who uses his influences and his power to assist someone in illicit activities, charging for it.
"The godfather", finally, is the title of a book written by Mario Puzo who became a successful film saga.

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