What is the meaning of Granting? Concept, Definition of Granting

Definition of Granting - compendium of concepts and meanings

1. Definition of granting

A grant is an authorization or approval is granted for any reason. It is an endorsement or a favorable opinion on a certain matter. For example: "the Township still not announced the granting of the concession", "Me last night warned of the granting of the loan", "the licensing starts Monday 8th".
In general, for a grant to take place must be an involved authority. A dependency State, to cite one possibility, can give diversospermisos that enable citizens to make something.
Suppose a person want to sell their handicrafts in a park. It is likely that the authorities of the city in question are responsible for managing the commercial activity in public spaces through permissions. Craftsman, must therefore ask the Government the granting of an authorization to offer their creations.
The awards, in another sense, also involve the granting of recognition. When a writer receives the Nobel Prize for literature, the granting of this distinction is due to the decision of the Swedish Academy. The granting of the Oroque balloon declares annually to the best footballer in the world, for its part, is the result of a vote among players, coaches and journalists that drives the FIFA.
Banking institutions, finally, decide the granting of credits according to various analyses carried out by the applicant. Each bank has different policies in this regard but, level general, who seek these entities is to minimize the risk of non-payment through a study of the solvency of the client.

2. Concept of granting

Provision of consent in a legal business, especially in a notarial, assuming all the legal consequences arising from this.
Also known as granting (or a party operative or stipulations) to the part of the public deed that gathers these declarations of will.
The notary not "grants" Scriptures, as he is erroneously said with some frequency, but "authorizes them".
Example. The licensors are the seller and the buyer in a sale, and the grant means the provision of consent to the sale and purchase, with all the consequences for both.

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