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Definition of listener

A listener is a person who hears something. The term comes from the verb hear that it refers to an individual's ability to perceive sound. Humans hear thanks to the auditory system.
A frequent use of the notion of listener is located in the media, more precisely at laradiofonia. Listeners are those who listen to a radio program or a certain station. For example: "the famous animator announced that it will draw a TV among listeners who come to the door of the radio", "our station has the morning program with more listeners", "the journalist argued with a listener into the air and was sanctioned by the owners of the radio".
The radio listeners are equivalent to a newspaper readers or viewers of a show. It is people who are on the other side of the means of communication, i.e., that they consume. The amount of listeners reveals the rating or the popularity of a program or a station.
The concept of listener is also used to name the individual that attends a class, but who is not registered as a student. This means that the listener becomes present in a room or place of studies only to hear the explanations and lectures of teaching, without complying with a regime of assistance or having the same rights and obligations as regular students: "For several months I am listener of kinds of sociology as stated in the University", "Ramon went as a listener to the mechanics course until they became bored", "I'm sorry, but I can't take exams to listeners: If you want to participate in the evaluation, will have to sign".

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