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Definition of Paje

Paje appears as any young man who was in the service of a noble or a King. The name derives from Italian paggio and by contraction of the Latin word paedagogium. This server was concerned with the internal service of the House.
Usually the page used to be very young and be between 6 and 14 years approximately. Pajés Palace of extraordinary service, access to real people, had to be noble, or at least noble family. All of them received an instruction specializing in the same Palace, and were trained in different disciplines requiring them. It was often temporary function as a temple of character before you can proceed to positions of higher responsibility.

Types of paje

• Bag page. Formerly, this name was given to the servant of the Secretary of the universal Office and Royal courts carrying bag with papers.
• Camera page. The one who was serving his Lord within it.
• Screenplay page. The oldest of pajés of the King in whose charge was to carry weapons of the King in the absence of the largest gunsmith.
• Axe armourbearer. The one who goes ahead of his master or others shining with the axe.
• Genet armourbearer. Which accompanied the captain carrying this token of your employment.
• Paje spear, or weapon. The one who carries weapons like the sword, spear, etc. to servír them to his master when you need them.
• Broom armourbearer. This name was given to either boys intended in boats for its cleanliness and hygiene and to learn the trade of sailors and when they were older, they were squares of cabin boy.

Concept of Paje

{m} Degree first and less than the Squire of the sons of noble families who, in the middle ages, postulated to be armed knights.
In certain ceremonies gala, as marriages, young men or children that they escort the main.
Very young servant in charge of accompanying their masters, attend the vestibules, serving the table, etc.
Boy who aspires to the plaza of cabin boy and is responsible for the cleanliness and hygiene on vessels.

Definition of Paje

Paje is a concept that is derived from the French language (page) and making reference aWho attends to a monarch or a member of the nobility. It is, in general, of a young man who provides various services to his Lord, according the Bureau, developing household chores, etc.
For example: "calls the page now! I want to bring my bottle of wine,"" work for Don Luis de Lorenzo and Vallamir: I am your servant and personal assistant ","the page and jester joined together to assassinate the King".
The noble could have several pages at your disposal, each one in charge of different chores. The armourbearer was who should carry weapons when the King went hunting, while the camera armourbearer provided assistance to the monarch in her chambers. The page of stock exchange, for its part, moved the actual documents.
In sailing, the paje is a young man is responsible for cleaning and sorting a boat while performing his apprenticeship as a sailor. These teens were known as broom pages as, precisely, they used to be equipped with a broom to clean the ship in question.
On those vessels which, because of its size, with many pages, he chose to Uncapitan pages. The election was left in charge of the boatswain. The captain of pajestenia function of coordinating and organizing the work of all the pages.
The young man who joined a boat as page then could ascend to cabin boy and, from that position, get to become seaworthy to continue the maritime career.

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