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Definition of Pai

The pai tavyterãs, also known as caaguas of the North, kaynguas, terenobes, teyis, avas, kaa'was, Wildcats, country, pai-cayuas, painguas, or bread and in the Brazil and Argentina as cainguas, kaiwas, caiwas, cainwas, kaiowa, caiova, cayuas, caiuas, kayovas or kaiovas, are a people of guarani group that inhabits the Paraguay, Brazil, and a few in the province of Misiones in the Argentina.
Various sources show them as descendants of the itatineses that after the expulsion of the Jesuits remained on the fringes of the colonial system. They were missioned by the Jesuits from 1632 and then attacked by the luso-brasilenos bandeirantes. After the expulsion of the missionaries, returned to the jungles, giving rise to the so-called caagua, i.e. wild or jungle.
The pai tavytera ethnonym means inhabitants of the village of Center of the world, since its territory lies cerro Guazú of the cordillera de Amambay, called by them Jasuká Rendá, which is considered by the Guarani as the place where began the creation of the world.
About 8,000 live in Paraguay between the rivers Apa and Jejuí and the high Ypané and the high Aquidabán. They are grouped in 39 communities in the departments of Amambay (mainly districts Pedro J. Caballero, Bella Vista and Capitán Bado), Concepción (districts of conception, Horqueta and Yby Yaa'u), San Pedro (Guayaibí district) and Canindeyú (Ygatymi and Itanará districts).
They are closely related to the kaiwá of Brazil with that constitute the same people, in that country primarily inhabit the State of Mato Grosso del Sur between the rivers Iguatemi and Ivinheima up the Paraná River and to a lesser extent in the State of Paraná.
A few are also among the mbya from Misiones province in Argentina, where there is in the Department Cainguas toponymy.
Their language belongs to the Tupí family, group Tupina-guarani, sub group Guarani I and contains dialects teui, tembekua and kaiwa.

Concept of Pai

Pai is a Portuguese term that translates as "father". In our language, the concept is usually used to appoint the guide or leader of a group of umbanda. The umbanda religion, for its part, is a cult of origin afrobrasileno that believes in spirits and magical practices.
For example: "Since that Diego began to visit that pai, is very changed", "a few years ago received very valuable advice of a pai", "the collection was organized by a pai umbanda which serves in a temple in the neighborhood".
It could be said that pai is the equivalent to a priest or a spiritual leader. It acts as a religious adviser and directs the rites carried out in his temple. To become MYP, it is necessary to receive a consecration.
By phonetic imitation of the English notion of foot, it is possible to find people who used the word pai to describe a cake. In this sense, you can talk of "pai of Apple" or "pai of lemon", among others.
Pai potatoes or potatoes pay, on the other hand, are a few potatoes (potatoes) cut into thin sticks that can be eaten warm after FRY or as a snack. In some geographical regions, it is common that pay potatoes used to complement unhot dog or pancho.
PAI, finally is an acronym used to refer to various companies and organizations: expanded programme on immunizations, project of activation of intelligence, integrated Argentine producers, Plan Administrators Inc., Plan of comprehensive care, Population Action International, etc.

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