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Countryman  definition

The civilian term holds several references, depending on the context in which you use it.
When you want to refer to a countryman, it is common, that the civilian term is used to do so. John paisano is mine, what a coincidence to find us at that place in the world. His countrymen paid him tribute.
On the other hand, in the area of the Río de la Plata (Argentina/Uruguay, mainly) is very common the paisano word used in the sense of a person that was born and has been raised in the field and that it turns out to be also very dexterous in rural tasks. I.e. in the above places using it as a synonym for the term gaucho, say, civilian or imidacloprid is the same.
The gaucho used to be a kind of peasant fields of Argentina and Uruguay, which was characterized particularly by his skill as a rider and his work linked to the breeding of cattle and all those economic activities derived characteristic. Another feature was its existence nómade semi that proliferated especially between the 18th century and the middle of the next.
On the other hand, in Argentina, at the behest of a colloquial usage, the word paisano is very often used to refer to any individual belonging to the Jewish community.
So, in Chile, the paisano term is also used to refer to an individual of a specific community, but unlike what happens in Argentina, in the ordinary language of Chile, when someone refers to a civilian, you will be one who belongs to the Arab community or the Middle East generally speaking.
By his side, the expression of paisano is used very frequently in military areas and ecclesiastical, when some of its members or members are dressed in uniforms or habits, as appropriate.

Countryman definition

The civilian term has several uses. As noun, it usually refers to the person that resides in the field and which develops various typical tasks of rural, linked to agriculture, animal husbandry, the obtaining of raw materials, etc.
For example: "the custom of the countrymen to greet those who intersect I am pleased on their way", "a civilian rescued a young girl who was drowning in the Brook", "my grandfather was a civilian that herding cows in the field".
It is frequent that the notion of paisano is used as a synonym for gaucho, a peasant who lives in certain regions of South America and that is often characterized by his ability to ride a horse.
As an adjective, on the other hand, a civilian is who shares origin or place of residence with another person. The peasants, therefore, are compatriots, comprovincianos, etc.: "Last night I met a countryman our bar", "I would like my daughter to marry a countryman," "in this bar, only give employment to our countrymen: is a way of helping them to integrate into this country".
Paisano Park is a North American region located in the County of St. Patrick (Texas). There live about 130 people, mostly of latino or Hispanic origin.
In Colombia, referred to as paisa who lives in certain regions of the country (Caldas, Antioquia, Quindío and others). By extension, this is called as "Paisas" to a criminal grouping composed largely of native men from Antioquia with paramilitary past.

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