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Pass: Compendium of definitions and concepts

Definition of pass

The word walk a term widely used in our language and presents various references depending on the context in which we use it.
The action and the result of passing we call it exactly as you pass.
Also when something suffers a change of situation or place, or there is this change in relation to something or someone he expressed it in terms of pass. Laura finally got the pass of sector and are very happy for this reason, it was what both had longed.
On the other hand, in the field of cinematographic exhibition when talk about pass a tape or film that you will be referring is the projection of a tape. The next Tom Cruise film pass is at midnight.
Also, in the world of modeling can find us with a reference for the given term designating thus the parade of clothes that perform professional models.
At the behest of the magic and the use of the word is also common because magicians are called that way to that movement made with their hands, whether it's about an object or a person, upon which we wish to achieve a change or an object suddenly appear in an unthinkable place.
Mentalism also used this word to indicate movement that the Mentalist makes about an individual with the intention to exercise any influence that will lead to act as such or which mode upon him.
In sport, especially in those groups such as soccer, volleyball or basketball, to name a few of the most popular, the pass, turns out to be that movement that the Player performs with their limbs or head to deliver the ball to a teammate. The pass goal Lionel Messi gave enabled Barcelona to anotase his first goal.
Continuing in the sport and more precisely in football, is called a pass to a player of a sporting institution transfer to another. When a player belongs to such which club will say that you have your pass, meanwhile, when negotiating the transfer of the player it is common to say that such club, by your pass, will pay about ten million dollars.

Pass concept

Importance of the pass.
The pass is a basis which differs from others by linking the two players involved in the action, and therefore be a very important part of the game set.
The importance of pass lies in the speed with which allows the displacement of the ball by the field. Allows us to situate the ball anywhere and, sometimes, is the only way to do it. Proper use allows us to take advantage of other foundations, particularly those deriving from the game without the ball, which are essential for the successful use of the pass. The quality of the pass depends largely on the success of a subsequent action.
Characteristics of the passes.
They must be fast, to avoid alert to the defense, and therefore strong, though non-violent. To be strong, will logically be in a straight line (with exceptions)
** The finishing touch must be with your fingers.
At times will use feints or pivots.
* Never will be "automatic" mode, and must always have visual control over the defense, passing on the side furthest away from the defender and taking into account the circumstances of the defense and receiver.
* It has to be accurate.
Avoid looking at the pass.
* Spend preferably with feet on the ground. In this way we "repent" and not give the pass without committing a crime.
* Look for good angles of pass.
They must always facilitate the possibilities of the receiver. So if we go for a draught, for example, we must ensure greater comfort and speed to his shot through our pass.

Definition of pass

It is an action between two players of the same team for which one of them (PIN) transfers control of the ball to another (receiver).
The pass is the technical element that helps us to progress to the basket with the help of a colleague or colleagues. It is a foundation which differs from others by relate directly and through the ball, the two players involved in the action. Is true that in these categories usually cost a lot get cooperation in the game: the child is selfish by nature and tends to play himself, above all through the boat.
Our pedagogical work should be focused to motivate kids so that they can progress to basket through the pass. In the game of team and during the matches of any level, ball losses are the most often decisive cause of the defeats, so will have to try to give the importance that deserves from the earliest stages to pass.
We can not conclude without fail to mention the importance of the pass lies on the factors: speed and accuracy; Thanks to the pass we can place the ball anywhere on the field in the minimum time, also taking into account that the quality of a pass depends on many times the success of a subsequent action. In any case, to make a pass successfully we will have to know how to execute and what qualities must meet a good PIN.
Types of pass:
Chest pass
Initial position: placed in the basic position with the ball at chest height, start extension of arms movement. The position of the legs must mark a slight flexion, which will be more pronounced when the distance is greater.
Impulsion-expulsion phase: will do a simultaneous flexion of arms and legs with a final flick of wrist flexion keeping them at chest height. The arms will remain extended and hands open with the palms of the hands facing slightly down and to the outside.
Dive pass
Identical position of heading as in the chest pass, only that in the swing phase guide hands and arms towards the floor. The mechanics of the pass is the same.
Pass on top of the head
Initial position: we grasp the ball with two hands and situate it above your head, avoiding to excessively open elbows out. We keep the legs flexed in the basic position.
Impulsion-expulsion phase: coordinated movement of arms and legs. Coordination of the movement of arms and legs extension. The arms should be extended to facing where you pass the ball with hands facing the direction of the pass.

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