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Definitions and concepts Predominance

Definition of predominance

The word dominance comes from latin and is composed of the prefix prae - and substantive dominium (power that one has on one's own, especially on its domus, which is home, finance and subordinate people). The prefix prae-(ahead of) also acquires a certain value in certain context, comparative and intensive since ahead of another it means "more than one". That's why predominance indicates superiority or force dominant in competition with another, minor, or finally subordinate her.

Concept of predominance

The concept of dominance refers to supremacy, dominance or influence someone or something has about another person or thing. The term can apply in a lot of areas, always with this meaning.
For example: "the visiting team imposed their predominance from a successful control of the ball", "the dominance of the current moderate within the political party is obvious", "the survey shows the predominance of pizza among the favorite meals of Buenos Aires".
The idea of dominance is often applied in the context of sport. When two teams or competitors face in the field of play, each tries to impose it by using various tools (talent, physical, tactical, etc.). It is usual that, when a team or competitor manages to overcome the opponent, talk that he has imposed his dominance.
The predominance is also a trend that stands out within a particular group or sector. If an enterprise template is composed by 80% by engineers, may say that engineering is the profession which exercises a dominance in such company.
Something similar can be indicated with respect to consumption patterns or interests in a society. When, in every ten films that premiered in cinemas in a country, seven have American origin, it can be said that the United States film industry exerts a predominance.
There are occasions where there is no dominance since no force is imposed on another. A football match ending 0-0 does not reveal any dominance, at least in the result.

Definition of predominance

The word dominate usually used with various senses in our language.
On the one hand, when we express quealgo or someone prevail or Excel the average or the environment in which you have inserts. Her Versace dress made it to dominate the party. It was without a doubt the most elegant of the meeting.
On the other hand when something turns out to be important in numbers or abundant in other matters also we usually express it in terms of predominate. This dish is dominated by olives, truth is not to my liking.
Then, usually, this word is usually used in various fields to realize the supremacy, the influence and the prominence that someone as something present in a community, a society, one group, among others.
When in a given context is so appreciated that particular issue, feature, mandan, you can clearly speak of a predominance. For example, in a group of friends, who are known from childhood, most are already married, i.e. are 10 and only two remain unmarried, by case, you may assert that the group is dominated by married men.
Another case similar to that mentioned it often occurs in sport, more precisely in football. In a city in which there are two football clubs vying dramatically for decades is frequently heard say that the same predominate in such or which agree fans clear is the interest to present the interlocutor.
Likewise, in the context of sport, the word dominate is employed when one wants to express that such equipment, in the case of team sports, or such player, tabled at the behest of a competition a supremacy in the game on his rival.
While there are many synonyms often applied in relation to this word the most traditional are: prevail, highlight and Excel, which precisely allow us to express that advantage or difference that something or someone present above the rest.

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