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Previous definition

The "previous" Word comes from the latin anteriory means "before". Its lexical components are: prefix Suede-(suede), more the suffix - ior (superiority comparative suffix).

Previous concept

Previous, generic word that uses in contexts multiple, starting with the fact that previous serves to point out in space and in time something that already happened or that are left behind. This word, as part of a sentence, is able to alter the time that was developed, however, can be as a complement, give you a training place or time reference to the text. The plurality of this Word allows the reader and the writer use in cases so generic as the description of an incident in advance.
At the time the previous word has served to determine spaces of time that is necessary to make reference, the relevance of these moments in the future shall be such that applies the previous word. It has a rich record of variants as previously, before, above, predecessor, all these with certain distance, manage to make understand to the receiver of the idea that we are talking about something that is behind, before, or in the past. When we speak of a predecessor is referring to a position which is occupied again, he says, that the predecessor is who occupied previously, similarly, recalling sitting on a site previously gives us the conscience of today in which we are.
In space, the correspondence of the term validates a left position, also denotes a space that is located on the back of something, for example, the reception of the party will be in the courtyard of the House, which is on the front of it, is given to understand that the piece or object that is being talked about is on the fronti.e. behind. In medicine the term is used to refer specifically to those areas of the body that are hidden and which cannot be accessed them so easily, for example, in an operation, a body shows a face with respect to the vision of the doctor, but is called front to what is not visible and would need an extra to be able to be analyzed mechanism.