What is the meaning of Protecting? Concept, Definition of Protecting

Definitions and concepts of protecting

Definition of protecting

The word protect comes from the latin will protect (protect, defend) formed with the prefix pro-(forward, in favor of) and the verb tegere (cover, protect). Protect derive:
• Protected - what receives the action of protecting.
• Guard – which (-dor) protects.
• Protectriz - which (-trix) protects.
• Protectorate - protected territory (-ated, passive participle) by a guard.
• Protection – Action and effect (-ing) protect.
• Protectionism - doctrine (-ISM) economic to protect local products from competition from foreign products.
• Protectionist - which sympathizes (-ista) with protectionism.
• Grounded - Relative (-orio) protection.
Tegere Indo-European root is * (s) teq-(cover) that gave us words like ceiling, detective and slum.

Definition of protection

Protection, from the latin protectĭo, is the action or effect of protect (safeguard, defend or protect something or someone). Protection is a preventative care before an eventual risk or problem. For example: "a mother must always give protection to your child", "threatened women requested police protection", "If you're going to have sex with a casual partner, don't forget to use protection".
The protection can be physical (concrete) or symbolic (abstract). In the first case, we can appoint the equipment for individual protection like helmets, masks, goggles, plugs for ears, vests and gloves that are used in certain jobs or before the weather: "Enterprise-they gave me special protective boots, in case some box dropped at my feet", "traverse snow-capped mountains is recommended for sunglasses as protection against the reflection of the rays".
More abstract protection, on the other hand, is given by a legal or regulatory framework. In this sense, the consumer protection speaks of existing mechanisms to ensure respect for the rights of buyers and users.
In another sense, the protection can be active or passive. Buildings implemented a series of measures by way of protection against possible fires. Such measures are passive (such as the installation of stairs for easy output or the construction of wide aisles that prevent the loss of time) and active (the availability of fire extinguishers).
The protection of data, finally, is legally or computer system that guarantees the confidentiality of personal data when they are in the hands of organizations, companies or public administrations, or when they are circulating over the Internet.

Concept of protecting

The word protect presents a recurring in our language use that with it we are referring to action deresguardar to a person or to something, against a danger or damage that is possible to happen. A mother who wants to protect their young children from a fall to the pool that is there in the House, will work to have a network or fence to prevent that they have access to the same by themselves.
On the other hand, an individual who cares a lot for his car, placed you a cover to protect it from sun rays or storms.
Then, protect, typically, action is accompanied by another action involving the placement of something about that other is preserved with the mission that does not suffer any damage.
It should be noted that the concept that we are discussing is in close relationship with another, that of prevention, because precisely what is being done is care, ensure something, having those issues that are necessary and avoid future prejudice.
Now, the protection conferred upon it to something or someone may be physical or symbolic, i.e. example, legislation that protects the rights of animals in danger of extinction so that they are not captured.
In the field of computer science, the concept of protecting it has become very popular and important, given that users of computers normally store informacionprivada and sensitive in their machines, such as images, documents, among others, have in them, as a method of prevention of future thefts or loss of information, software special, known popularly as antivirus or programs that prevent copying or editing them.
But also give you other equal use of spread the word, to express support, defense or favor toward a cause or entity that pursues certain aims or goals, generally humanitarian. We are absolutely in favour of the work performed by the Association Greenpeace protect green spaces.
Meanwhile, for the above senses of the term we usually use synonyms to preserve and support. And the words that are opposed to this term are the leave and attack they just propose leaving spared their fate at someone or something and deal with violence, respectively.

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