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Sector: Compendium of definitions and concepts

Definition of Sector

The term sector refers to the part sectioned or cut from a whole. From its etymological origin extends to many other terms by analogy:
• circular sector, the division of a circle that falls between two radios.
• hyperbolic sector is a region of the Cartesian plane bounded by rays from the origin to two points (a, 1/a) and (b, 1/b) and the Hyperbola xy = 1.
• social sector, sociological concept that refers to a part of society.
• a disk sector, a section of the disk identified to store information.
• boot sector (MBR), a sector at the beginning of the disk that participates in the operating system loading.
In the history of Germany and Austria and especially Berlin and Vienna, each one of the zones of occupation after World War II allied powers (for Germany, see Allied Germany-occupied areas; to Austria, see La zone of American occupation of Austria):
In economics is probably where the use of the concept stretches more.
• economic sector: any parts of economic activity, and it is subdivided according to different criteria:
or sectors of production also called sectors of occupation which in turn can be subdivided into partial sectors by activity:
or attending to the ownership of the means of production:
  • private sector (private property)
  • public sector (public ownership)
  • cooperative sector or sector of social economy that is sometimes added to the previous two, as one of the forms of collective ownership.
or attending the special characteristics that distinguish them from the rest:
  • strategic sector (transport, communications, weapons, energy).
  • external sector (made up by the companies involved in foreign trade).
Urban concept that refers to a spatial division in a city.

Concept of Sector

The industry Word is a term that supports various applications in our language.
One of the most frequently used jobs is one that allows us reference from the word to that partecorrespondiente to a class or a collectivity that is highlighted by unique presentarcaracteristicas. The most radical sector of the Socialist Party plans to launch a new plan of struggle.
The industry Word is also used to designate the portion of a given space or a territory. The northern sector of the city was the most affected by the storm of rain.
This sense, also employ to indicate different sections in which a company or organization is divided. John works in the sector of carnage of the hypermarket and his brother in the sector of replenishment of merchandise.
Another common use of the Word allows you to describe each of the different production activities or economic community. The labor sector has been greatly affected by the new economic adjustment measures.
In mathematics, more precisely in the geometry, we find a reference to the word, given that in this way is called the part of a circle that is involved between a bow and two radios, that pass through the extremities of the same.
At the behest of the economy, the concept of sector presents an extremely widespread use to pinpoint and address various issues such as: the economic sector (mention each pate of economic activity); production sector (among others, livestock sector, industry sector, industry construction, agricultural sector, transport sector); and depending on who has the ownership of production (public sector, private sector, cooperative sector).
And computer science also a reference to the word exists sector, since in a hard disk sector is that part of the surface in which it is possible to store information.
Meanwhile, the most commonly used synonyms for this concept are the Department and section.

Definition of Sector

Circular sector. There are different geometric shapes such as square, rectangle, trapezoid, circle, circumference, and so on. Each of them have their definitions and elements, and you can calculate the area, perimeter and length.
Long ago men endeavoured to perform these calculations by the importance which had various objects, mainly circular, employees in practice. Hence began the study of the different elements that compose them, among them the pie.
Knowing about the sector circular you can calculate the area traversed by a swing to the rocking.
You can also calculate the area that runs through the pendulum wall clock. The amount of square meters that includes gardening with this geometric shape and with it the amount of materials to be used for fencing their boundaries.
A circular sector area

You can get a relationship to calculate the area of a circular sector as shown below.

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