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Definition of reconstruction

The notion of reconstruction refers to the action and effect of rebuilding. This word, in turn, makes mention to return to build, build or fabricate. For example: "the Haitian authorities work tirelessly for the reconstruction of the country", "the company announced the reconstruction of the hotel which was affected by the storm", "the reconstruction of the factory will take another two years".
The term can be used in a physical sense to name the specific tasks of restoration or renovation. This means that, if there is a damaged building, reconstruction will include strengthening its foundations, repainting, etc.
Another use of the concept, however, is symbolic. In this case, the idea of reconstruction, is linked to retrieve a value or something that is not material and that, for one reason or another, has been lost. In this sense, it is common to talk of reconstruction of the social fabric or morals.
Reconstruction, on the other hand, is the process that is to evoke memories and try to bring together them to complete a concept or knowledge of a fact: "the reconstruction of the assassination will take place tomorrow with the participation of the accused and of the witnesses", "the psychologist is helping Mariana in the reconstruction of its past", "the young man who suffered the blow to the head is unable to complete the reconstruction of what happened".
Historical Linguistics is the discipline that studies the processes of change of languages in time and that appeals to what is known as internal reconstruction and external reconstruction to carry out its mission.

Meaning of reconstruction

The term reconstruction is that which refers to the action of building something that already existed but disappeared or was destroyed back. The idea of reconstruction can be used in specific areas (e.g. to make reference to the reconstruction of a building), as well as abstract situations, as a metaphor (for example when we talk about reconstruction of the facts of a crime). The term is from the use of the word construction and assembled the prefix "re" which always means to do, in this case, building back again.
Reconstruction always has a specific purpose and is renewing something which had been destroyed or which was in disrepair due to specific reasons. It is a term widely used to refer to situations in which something (a building, an object) has been destroyed and it must be returned to build, for example when discusses reconstruction of a city after the passage of a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami or even step a war an important destruction level that has meaning. It can also refer to cases more specific or small, such as the reconstruction of a house or a part of it by wear, moisture or different problems. When the term is used in this sense it is important to take into account that is part of something that already existed previously, since otherwise he would speak of construction rather than reconstruction.
In many cases, the reconstruction can mean alteration of some previous features, while maintaining the structure or the original idea. Thus, if refers to the reconstruction of a House, can it not be rebuilt in exact manner to as it was before if not affecting some features for its best performance. In the case of the reconstruction of cities destroyed by tragic events also can be certain alterations to avoid further complications.
When we speak of the term reconstruction in an abstract sense (such as for example "the reconstruction of the facts"), we are mentioning the action to put in order the events as they happened to try to understand them better and know how it happened, why and with what consequences.

Definition of reconstruction

In its sense and wider use, the word rebuild concerns the action to build again. For example, after an earthquake or any other devastating phenomenon of similar characteristics that wiped out everything which had its way on the city, it will be necessary to rebuild everything that collapsed and was absolutely in ruins, homes, buildings, schools, government agencies, business.
The other uses which records the word rebuild is the playing back certain circumstances through ideas or memories. It may be that the need to rebuild a situation or fact arises naturally, for example, in a chat with a childhood friend may appear the need to rebuild a lived situation together, then, through some memories and diving in mind that each will do these pictures will appear and you can rebuild the situation or event in question.
But it can also happen that after the succession of an accident fatal or a crime, survivors or witnesses of the same must, after this and in the instance of police investigation, rebuilding steps, situations that occurred before the tragic event. Generally, the reconstruction will take place in the place in which occurred the facts to thus facilitate not only the memory of witnesses individuals, but also for that spot, researchers can establish possible hypothesis of the same.
On the other hand, something that is often done when writing or studying history is rebuild the same. Historical reconstruction involves somehow bring the life of the past through elements and different objects that were used in the historical moment is trying to rebuild, but in addition, they must be accompanied by more precise and specific information, such as, how used them, who used them and so that, among other issues.

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