What is the meaning of Advertising? Concept, Definition of Advertising

Advertising concepts

Meaning of advertising

Advertising is a form of commercial communication which aims to increase the consumption of a product or service through the media.
Through research, analysis and study of numerous disciplines, such as psychology, the neuroeconomics, sociology, anthropology, statistics, and economics, which are found in the market study, may develop a message suitable for the public.
Should be noted that the terms advertising and propaganda are used interchangeably in some Spanish speaking countries and are exchanged. However, the SAR defines propaganda seeking the dissemination of ideas, social, political, moral and religious without directly economic objectives.
On the other hand often the term publicist is confused with the advertising term, but it should be noted that advertiser is one who is dedicated to the publishing of dissemination articles such as the publication of a magazine; on the other hand the advertising is responsible for creating and disseminating advertising as a primary activity.
Advertising reaches the public through the media. These media broadcast ads in exchange for a consideration previously set to acquire spaces in a contract of sale by the advertising agency and the environment, issuing the advertisement in the chain during a schedule previously fixed by the Agency; This agreement is called a contract for broadcast or dissemination.

Advertising agencies

Advertising agencies, agencies of media or media (graphic design, creative boutiques, producers, etc.) are involved many times within the advertising development, which is made by several factors; among them, the most important is the brief, what contains the previous ideas for developing the advertising product. Brief is a document to specific characteristics of the product or service itself and may also contain a history of all previous campaigns that have been conducted to date; mostly this history is added when the advertiser decides to change the advertising agency.
The brand awareness is an important way in which advertising can stimulate the demand for a certain product type and even identify as own said product designation. Examples of this are in products such as textile adhesives, women's lingerie, toilet paper, masking tape, glue stick, fire lighters, music players, refreshments... Brand visibility can be set to a greater or lesser degree depending on product and market. In Texas, for example, it is common to hear people refer to any bebida refrescante de cola under the same name, regardless of whether it is actually produced by that company or not. When you create so much brand value that the brand has the ability to attract buyers even without advertising, is said to be have brand awareness. The greater brand awareness occurs when the brand is so prevalent in the minds of people who is used to describe the entire category of products. Kleenex, for example, can be identified as cellulose tissue or as a label for a category of products, i.e. is often used as a generic term. One of the firms most successful to achieve a brand notoriety is the vacuum cleaner Hoover, whose name was long synonymous with Anglo-Saxon countries of cleaner. A legal risk to the manufacturer of the brand awareness is that the name can accept so extensively that it becomes a generic term, and lost the protection of the trademark. An example of this case is trade name for acetylsalicylic acid.
Sometimes, certain products acquire relevance because of the publicity, not necessarily as a result of an intentional campaign, but by having a relevant press coverage. On the Internet or digital technologies refers to unsolicited advertising or spam sending emails, such as emails, short messages or other means without having requested, and usually in massive amounts. However, the Internet is a usual medium for campaign development of interactive advertising that do not fall in invasion to privacy, but on the contrary, traditional advertising carried the new spaces where you can develop.

Definition of advertising

Known as advertising to that technique intended to disseminate or informally to the public on a good or service through the media (television, cinema, radio, magazines, Internet) with the aim of motivating the public to a certain action of consumption. Advertising inform the potential consumer of a good or service about the benefits that presents this and highlight the differences that set apart it from other brands.
Meanwhile, and without doubt, research and some disciplines such as economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology and statistics are the best allies of advertising when you have to find and develop the most appropriate message to propose to the public a product or service.
As mentioned above the advertising reaches the audience through the media, i.e. they emit ads in issue upon payment of a fee previously stipulated in a contract of purchase sale between the medium, emitting the listing in a schedule also previously set by the Agency with the environment and also with the relevant and prior knowledge of the advertiser and the advertising agency. The aforementioned contract is called diffusion or broadcast.
Among the various factors or elements involved in the advertising development stands the brief, which is the document which stipulated and concentrated the previous guidelines to develop the advertising piece in question. In the itemizing all the features of your product or service, also contains a history of all the advertising action that has been done on it previously.
Obviously the action announced in the communication media is the advertising strategy most used when promoting a product, however, there are many others which do not necessarily involve payment of a monetary consideration in order to achieve that notice or mention of the product appears in the media.
Because sometimes some products acquired or achieved notoriety not as a result of advertising product, but rather by the preferential or relevant attention that gives them the press because partners are to a character or significant figure. For example, if a widely recognized artist decides to launch a line of clothing, surely, much less invest in advertising which will have to invest an unknown, because the famous already itself have a camera free at your disposal interested in know what was doing, how and when, without the need to pay, because presence in house of the famous, with a note, an interview, already serves as the medium of communication as compensation.
Some strategies to achieve an effective advertising are: Association psycho-emotive consumer, aesthetics, humor, sincerity, opportunity, feelings, testimonial, demonstration and frequency.

Concept of misleading advertising

Advertising involves disclosure of commercial ads to attract potential consumers, buyers, or spectators of the product or service in question, therefore, is that notices that are developed to carry out this objective must realize the benefits that the product or service presented to thus encourage their consumption.
Now, taking into account what is advertising, we will say, that misleading advertising will be that which in any way, including its presentation, induces or may mislead recipients, may alter the economic behaviour of these or be able to injure a competitor. Also, current regulations in this regard will also consider misleading advertising to those who silence data essential goods or products in question and that therefore such a situation leads to errors by the recipients of advertising.
In the majority of Nations, misleading advertising, as well as its scope, they are referred to within what is known as right of consumers, as it is called the body of rules that come from the public authorities and which are intended exclusively to protect the consumer giving it certain rights and obligations.
Some common cases of misleading advertising tend to be: does not include tax (VAT) by which is transmitting a misinformation, when confused the recipient in terms of the quantitative maximum which is advertised and that in reality cannot be achieved ever, hiding in small print of economic penalties that will fall on the consumer in the event that it decides to terminate the contract before what has been agreed and effective options nodisponibilidad which is they advertise as it can be: the wireless modem in the case of an internet service, which, then, when the consumer so requests do not appears because in fact they do not have the same.

What is advertising

Advertising is the State or quality of public (something manifesto, seen or known by everyone). For example: "the singer was affected by the advertising of their family conflicts", "advertising for its dark past was too heavy a burden for the gubernatorial candidate".
The term, anyway, usually associated with ladivulgacion of commercial ads to attract potential buyers, users, or viewers. In this sense, the ads attempt to learn the benefits of a product or service to the sociedadcon the aim of motivating the consumption.
Advertising can be made through various means. There are advertisements in newspapers, magazines, television, radio and Internet. In fact, the media often financed from the sale of advertising spaces (a radio or a television channel station sells minutes of air, a newspaper or magazine offers space in its pages, etc.).
Other forms of advertising is through actions of direct marketing, promotions and sponsorship of sports teams or events: "the popular brand of milk invited to breakfast at passers-by in the framework of a promotional campaign", "the champion car has eight companies advertising", "advertising of chocolates has surprised the boys and big who enjoyed the beach".
It is known as advertising agency to the company that is responsible for creating ads and place it in the Middle need to reach out to the public that the customer points.

Meaning of advertising

Advertising are the means that people worth a message referred to something or someone to take public State, emerging from the secret. It can be used in many areas such as campaigning and get votes, or policy to raise awareness since the Government preventive measures, prophylaxis of diseases, about education or road safety campaigns, for example. Advertising importantly convincing to whom it is addressed. However, to make a more precise distinction, when do not pursue profit, as in the cases cited, one should speak more properly propaganda, that's advertising.
In the commercial sector where pursues the purpose of profit, is where advertising plays a transcendent role, since it is the mode in which the product can be known and valued by the real or potential clientele. Advertising goes through the mass media everyone, even those who never will be customers, but your goal is persuasion, exposing many times exaggerated the qualities of the product.
Advertising can be graphic, which is made through publications in newspapers or magazines. In the latter case, as there are journals on certain topics, the advertisements are specifically made towards the sector to whom they are addressed. For example, an advertisement of motor vehicles or spare parts for vehicles, in a review of that topic. Advertising on public roads, can also be used as streets, squares or parks, through posters, posters in bus shelters or in the media behalf. Advertising by radio, in which the message arrives via hearing, without Visual images, has the disadvantage of not being able to show the shape or color of the product, but is one with more coming to the public media, so even away from home and while traveling, people listening to the radio. Advertising on television combines visual and auditory images so it is remembered more. It is the more convenient but also the most expensive. The Internet is an advertising medium that is becoming day by day more and more important.
Marketing through a specialization, advertising marketing deals with the efficiency of advertising campaigns. Sciences such as sociology or the psicologiacolaboran on the content of advertising messages to capture the needs of customers and the best way to meet them, or make them believe that they will give them the answer they expect.
There is broad freedom to make the content of advertising messages, but beware the limit that non-discriminatory, or disparaging of lacompetencia.

Definition of advertising

Advertising refers to everything that has the particularity of being public. This is in the area of communication as a marketing technique, generally used to influence a given population, in order to focus attention on a particular product, brand or service.
The origin of the advertising activity emerges as a business need and dates back to antiquity: since civilization has had the need to communicate the existence of its products to carry out its commercial activities, his main medium was oral advertising.
One of the findings dating more than 3000 BC regarding the beginning of advertising, was a clay tablet in Babylon which contained inscriptions addressed to a shoemaker, a notary and a merchant. It is attributed to the city of Thebes one of the first advertising texts in the stage of great economic splendor.
At present, there is a wide variety of advertising media such as the brochures, the posters, neon signs, the billboards, radio and television spots, etc. Some can be printed and illustrated, other personal (conferences, tastings or demos) and even acoustic (disk, tape, etc).
There are many commercial organizations, advertising agencies or media dedicated to the art of advertising, either to create the image of a company (corporate advertising) to plan the shape of diffusion of new or existing products within the market.
Advertising is subliminal when it has certain intentions, through pictures or messages disguised as, reach the subconscious of the consumer without going through their conscience or their direct understanding said. It is common to find this technique for relating to tobacco or alcohol advertising, often with sexual connotations, with the goal of awakening the desire in the consumer.

Advertising concept

Advertising is the set of strategies with which a company unveils its products to society. Advertising uses the media as the main tool, these are diverse and they have so much expansion and impact on the public in general that are essential for trade in general. If a product is not publicized, hard people will know it and will refer to it as something of good quality with respect to the name that has. Advertising is a marketing strategy to position the products in the global market, their participation in the expansion of companies is accurate and necessary. The corresponding factor which is used for the diversification of goods and services is referential, but what is being sought is that the impact on society is acceptable, to give way to active consumerism.
The consideration that the public may have of the product depends on the acceptance that has this advertising. Generally speaking, the amount products equal but different brand creates competition in the market, these rivalries make that advertising strategies are stronger, more consistent and that they framed the quality of the product, as well as also give warranty for the good development of this. There are several ways of advertising, most popular makes reference of the product or service with a slogan (slogan) advertising sticky, nice and easy to remember, for this will make analysis and psychological studies of consumers in order to distinguish that it is what would be nice to view.
There are advertisements that are comparative, in general, seek to highlight the qualities of their product against others of the same class, rarely a propaganda campaign that discredits directly to another brand has been in the advertising medium. Advertising is the tool that seeks to expand the spectrum of products or services, the relationship with society in general depends on mainly quality and good reference that has these, it is crucial for manufacturing companies, to maintain a fresh and cheerful face to the public. Note that there are companies specialized in the production of advertising, while others are able to advertise their products.

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