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Concepts and meanings of Enterprise image

1 Meaning of Enterprise image

Corporate image refers to how a company is perceived. It is a generally accepted image of what a company "means". The creation of a corporate image is an exercise in perception management. It is created primarily by public relations experts, mainly using communication campaigns, web platforms (websites, social networks) and other forms of promotion to suggest a mental picture to the public. Typically, a corporate image is designed to be attractive to the public, so that the company can spark an interest among consumers, create hollow in his mind, generate wealth of brand and thus facilitate product sales. The image of a corporation is not created only by the company.
Other factors that contribute to a company's image could be the means of communication, journalists, trade unions, environmental organizations, and other NGOs.
Corporations are not the only form of organization that generate such images. Governments, charitable organizations, criminal organizations, religious organizations, political organizations and educational organizations all tend to have a single image, an image that is partially deliberate and partially accidental, partially self-created and partially exogenous.

Corporate image and product positioning

It is a concept very closely related to the corporate culture. Corporate image must be consistent with the positioning of the company, product line, or brand product. Any inconsistency between the overall corporate image and the positions of the individual product offerings will be confusing to potential customers and will tend to reduce profitability. A company in such a situation should either:
• removed the "green market";
• invest in promotional activities that modify its corporate image toward a greener tone;
• and/or follow an environmentally friendly path.
A good overall corporate image can be considered as the sum of all the images associated with the individual positions of the company's product. Corporate name and logo should also be consistent with the overall corporate image. If you want to make a corporate image as scientist/technician/innovator will not call your company Sol Mystic, or used a logo like the NBC Peacock. Also happens with the advertising themes and distribution partners: should also be consistent with your overall corporate image. If, for example, you want to create a corporate image of luxury, you must not distribute their products with Walmart or use humorous songs in their ads.
A successful corporate image must also be credible. I.e., the image must be relatively close to their actual behaviours to be credible.

2. Definition of business image

Image is a polysemic term (Word with different meanings). In this case we will refer to the corporate image, meaning, the idea that society is formed from it, in terms of its quality and prestige, and that the members of the company have. It is also called corporate image.
The image that its members possess may differ from what is perceived abroad, because what the company is, really, can be skewed by advertising campaigns and other marketing techniques, although if this is liar, not they may hold in time, and despite the misleading advertising, the company image will decay.
Have a good image attracts the clientele, scares the competition and induces her to retire or raise new strategies; and therefore it generates profits, which should work much on the subject and sustain over time, because precisely the competition will also work to improve their image.
When talk about someone specific company, often represented by its trade name or your brand, images, thoughts, or representations are come to mind just (it is expensive, is cheap, is good or bad quality, is reliable or is not, performs or contributions not supportive, etc), this is what is called the company's image.
Some facts can be made to vary the image that the company possessed until then, for example, if there is a complaint against it by tax evasion, or selling products in poor condition, or by problems in services, especially if taken State public through the mass media.
Companies must carry out diagnostic work on the current image of the company, for example, through surveys, and then design campaigns to raise it, evaluating what are the most effective, according to costs, and the public that it is intended to capture, trying to create a good image.

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