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Concepts and meanings of event

1. Definition of event

Like so many other terms covered in the site, event is also a noun that, etymologically speaking, derives from the latin. To be more specific, we say that eventus comes. With regard to their everyday uses, without any doubt that that has greater acceptance is one that refers to the event, or to the fact that happens and arouses interest or holds importance for the majority of the population. To plot might hold: in such an event, the presence of the Mayor could not miss.
In another order, there are also those who prefer to relate it directly to a particular social activity to the word in question. Well, in this sense then it is possible consider event at a ceremony, a party, or a competition. For example, to try to be more clear and specific, a marriage, a feast of new year at school, or a national football tournament they could be grouped within the term that calls us here. To plot would say: for mid-2012 is expected to live in England the sporting event of the year, the London Olympics will take place between July 27 and August 12.
In another aspect, lovers of science and anything that has to do with the factual or what cannot be verified, prefer to link to the event with some kind of phenomenon. Of course, that the event in question must occur in a place and at a particular time. To try to be more graphic and not so abstract in the explanation, it would be good to quote a phrase, for example: the meteorite may be seen without the need of having a telescope. The event in question, as explained by own specialists, can occur only once in over fifty years.
Synonyms of event
Let us now see what are synonyms that account before approached term: circumstances, unforeseen, made, event, event, program, made, occurrence.

2 Concept of event

An event is a particular social activity, a festival, a Festival, a ceremony, a competition, one Convention, among others, and that, either by people that they attend the same or by value and the emotionally charged an individual put him to one of these (for example, the marriage of a friend), boast a character of very important and unforgettable event to which you must attendIf we are before the second case or in the case of, for example, a ceremony of awards, such as the Oscars of the American Academy, at least, follow the event on television.
Then, within what is an event we have those that develop in a special occasion and have a meaning of ritual ceremonies. These episodes include religious, such as a baptism, a funeral or a wedding ceremonies, as well as high impact in the family group, and other events such as a birth or a school or University, graduation can be between other.
Also within the long list of events are the festivals, which are social rituals in which celebrates an important, such as a birthday or an anniversary, a personal event, or a social event as it is the case with homelands in each Nations celebrations or festivities, especially in small cities or small towns.
Then we have the festivals, which are events or celebrations that count with the Organization of the community or municipality located in a specific place and can be music, ethnic, arts, film, theater, literary, alternative, among others. These features enable defining certain geographic areas and give momentum associated with the tourism industry and its tertiary activities companions, such as gastronomy, local sports and folk components. In this sense, the Carnival; occupies a particular place Although the pagan religious meaning of this holiday has completely disappeared, their celebration is one of events with greater call in the most varied regions of the world.
Vale noted that another of the many events there (and who tend to be the more celebrated and seen by the male gender) are sporting events or competitions, which can include tournaments of football, hockey, tennis, basketball, volleyball and disciplines of motor. Excel in particular those celebrations of continental character or even Planetarium, as it is the case with the World Cup of FIFA, considered the event with greater amount of local spectators and by means of mass, as the television or Internet communication. This event, which is held every four years, attracts in every occasion to billions of individuals interested in the performance of the various selected national male soccer.
And finally, among the more salient events, conventions, which are defined as the meeting of specialists or fans of a particular topic that fix a point and a date of meeting to exchange ideas, analysis, opinions, materials on the topic in question is located. An example can be the conventions of fans of a band or a movie or animated series. Have been pioneers in this respect the followers of the saga Star Trek (known in the Spanish-speaking world as Star Trek); These fans, self-styled trekkers, perform local or international conventions for decades. Medical Congresses, in which specialists in various areas of the health sciences met to debate and the presentation of new ideas or treatments, with goals of national scope can be included in the same chapter or, on many occasions, continental and even a scale planetary. This model has been taken by other professions unrelated to healthcare, which also operates events of this magnitude, called sometimes with anglicisms that have been popular fact (workshops, meetings) but which do not detract from the importance to the quality of these conventions of strong impact on the practice of the various wizards.

3. What is event

The event term comes from the latin eventus and, according to the dictionary of the Real Academia Espa├▒ola (RAE), has three major uses. In several Latin American countries, an event is an event of importance that is scheduled. This event can be social, artistic or sports. For example: "tonight's event will face the two best teams in the tournament", "next month I have three events at my University", "the concert of the Rolling Stones is the most important event of the year", "Already not left tickets for the event on Friday".
This use of the concept contradicts, in some ways, to the definition of the event as something unforeseen or that can happen even if there is no security on this. A contingency is something that was not in the plans; an event such as those mentioned above, on the other hand, is set in advance.
The third use of the term encompasses both meanings: an event is an occurrence, a thing that happens. From this perspective, the event can be scheduled ("must be all ready for the morning event") or appear unexpectedly ("an event came up Me and I could not attend the meeting").
For science, an event is a phenomenon (an observable fact at a given time) or an event that occurs at a position and time certain (so it can be specified as a point in spacetime).
In mathematics, it is known as statistical event to the subset of a sample space. It is the possible results that may be obtained from a random experiment.

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