What is the meaning of Informal education? Concept, Definition of Informal education

1 Meaning of Informal education

What is informal learning?

Means that the human being has a propensity to learn things in life. However, the term education is used more when speaking of formal education. Education is understood as a two-way process where passes a set of knowledges, values, habits and ways of interacting with the environment in which it is immersed.
When there is a driving by default by the State to a package of knowledge taught in a physical space, referred to this universe as formal education.
Informal education, on the other hand, is not institutionalized and does not take into account within the scope of existing education curricula.
Informal education is seen as a diffused action because it has no defined objectives and is randomly disseminated in full disarray, throughout life.
It is then an educational process that takes place without prior plan, without a warrant, as a rain of cluttered concepts, chaotic but constant rain.
He is credited, this type of informal education, a content consisting predominantly of items passed through the mass media.
It is an education that forms the individual from a collective urban popular knowledges "broth". It does, indeed, disorderly way, without an educational objective but a perspective open since it is personal and interactive, involving the "Apprentice" in the relaxation and learning not aware.
When understand the media as information channels his concept resizes them is from their capabilities and formative potential.
This aspect of globalization, such as mass education, interest, because although it is true that, due to the diversity of information contradictory, wise or not, "salad" endless range, it is also true that offers valid knowledge at a practical level.
Saving family Hermeticism of yesteryear, the notions of the social moment and distinctive features of our culture, come today as thick flows, by the various inputs multi-media home, school, work.
Not always the best way, the film, the entry on the Internet, video games and other accesses to data current, massive and dense consumer banks, go to determine what social profiles of our community.
The complementation of formal education, through the informal resource which gives teachings that are not always covered by formal education will always be constructive and healthy.

2. Definition of Informal education

Informal education is that which teaches contents, is forming from habits, values, experiences and skills, outside the institutions set up specifically for that purpose. It is spontaneous.
Contrary to them, does not establish a process graduate levels, or requires approval of materials and/or courses, curriculum no elaborate pre, although there may be for purposes laid down in advance. Thus, a MOM can read and comment on a book of short stories to your child, or answer your questions, but there in this enforcement to move to a next stage, as in formal education, neither may nor correspond to which are for specific purposes, although not sequenced or official, as in non-formal education.
The family is first officer educate informally, and perhaps most important, because it should not abandon its task ever, while children already attend school. It should complement the work of the teacher, and transmit the values and beliefs that you want that child incorporated as its own, in an environment delibertad and understanding, being desirable match which conveys formal education, for which it is suitable that you see the institutional project of the educational establishment which concurs, in order not to confusion in children.
The peer group also educated, as well as clubs, religious centres and mass media communication, radio, television, newspapers and magazines, the latter not always in accordance with socially accepted values that formal education is internalizing, although they serve to generate discussions about them in centers of studies, to develop the critical spirit.