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In this opportunity we will again focus on a transitive verb. The term that will give life to this article will not be another mention. If we are looking for your definition in the illustrated encyclopedic dictionary Manual Sopeña, in its first meaning, we find the following: do mention or memory of a person or thing; name it or refer to it.
In everyday usage, the word in question may be used for different situations and in different contexts. To illustrate we could imagine a child (or child) who is giving an oral examination of geography in which his teacher asks: are you able to mention at least five capitals of European countries?

In another completely different, sometimes refers to this term to refer to a person or issue that generates rejection in someone. Maybe the typical example can give saying: neither mentions it me to my ex, everytime they named me I did change. Moreover, there are also those who prefer not to allusion to someone or nominate him for having fame of mufa. In this sense plot could be in the following way: neither can think of mentioning the name of the Argentine Chairman of the ninety eh, we all know that brings bad luck!
Meanwhile, it is common to hear this word when someone tries to remember the task or tell you about a person I've done very well his work at a certain place. Case, in a School Act the Director of the institution could say: can not begin with this tribute without mentioning Miss Mabel Sánchez, the first teacher who taught at this school fifty years ago.
Synonymous with mention
Always taking into account the context and the use that is made of the term in question, well, is important to remember its synonyms: quote, name, noted, refer, suggest, insinuate, allude, indicate, remember.

Concept of mention

The word mentioned is used to indicate lamencion which is carried out on a person. Meanwhile, a mention is not another thing querecordar to an individual or to something, for example an event, not just naming it or mentioning the issue but also telling that is linked to it, as appropriate.
It should be noted that the mention can be orally, in a conversation, such as Laura mentioned to her cousin three times in our conversation, or well written way, or someone makes the mention of someone or something through a letter, one e-mail, among others.
Now, not only are people and things also make mentions of expressions, opinions and ideas expressed in a timely manner by other persons. Extremely usual is that in a speech or simply when we're conversing with a friend to make mention of the sentence of an author, a politician, or one artist, among others.
Usually, when written mention of something that said a person, what they said placed quotation marks to precisely indicate that you it's an expression, opinion, of another person and not who writes the document or article in question.
On the other hand, when a person stands out in any task, activity, occupation, usual receive what are known as special mention, by having just deployed a task which provided a tremendous contribution to society and the common good. Meanwhile, the academic field is usually give an honorable mention to a student who has excelled the rest by their excellence performance.
Often used in another order of things, mentioning the word to express the memory of something with the clear intention that is kept alive his memory or becomes aware of what is mentioned, that is, putting something in someone's knowledge. Needless to mention that with Carlos, we appreciate very much your visit.
And in the field of social networks, Twitter, more precisely the word mention holds a special reference since it's one of the many ways we have Tweet through the network. If the message in question include a user name, mention will discuss such user. And warns that such or which were mentioned on Twitter.

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