What is the meaning of Motivation? Concept, Definition of Motivation

1 Meaning of motivating

motivate v. tr.
1. Be a thing the cause or reason of other happening.
2 Make sure someone shows interest in one thing. demotivate.
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2. Definition of motivation

The word motivate use it when we want to express that this or that action, a comment, among other possibilities, were the reason that caused a response. With your so hurtful comments you made not more than motivate his natural anger.
It should be noted that the reason always stands as a cause or reason that will trigger a way to proceed, or else the presence of something or someone. For example, if someone is hungry it is the reason that will take you to prepare a meal. Laura wants to receive or Yes this year, that will then be the reason by which spends long hours studying.
Meanwhile, to that reason we know popularly as motivation and stands without doubt as the reason why people carry out certain actions, because behind effort of every action, every step, every goal, will come the realization of that desire or plan.
If there is no such motivation, which is what in the final accounts we will drive to strive and to overcome potential obstacles, hardly come fast and with momentum to the satisfaction of a goal.
Many times the money serves as motivation and by case companies employ many organizacionesy to motivate its employees and thus get better performances.
Another use we also attach to this term allows you to indicate the mood which is given to someone that you are interested in certain activity, job, profession and that has to do with the interest, capacity or the inclination to look at that person and then impels us to mention him and encourage him to see it and act accordingly. If John had not motivated me as it did I don't think that I had decided to write the book.
Then, in order to the senses which holds this term we have a variety of synonyms, insofar as possible, more employees are the cause, to indicate the production of something, and encourage, to express incitement carried out on someone so that concrete action.

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