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If we seek the parcero word in the dictionary that elaborates the Real Academia Española (RAE), we will not find it. That doesn't mean, however, that the term is not used. In some countries, it's a pretty popular concept that is used in colloquial speech.
The origin of parcero lies in sharecropper, notion that was used in several Nations to nominate a friend, ally or Sidekick. At present, a partner is a trusted friend, whom you have esteem and appreciates it.
ParceroThis usage is common in Medellin and other Colombian cities. For example: "Oscar is my partner, no te metas with him," "I am away from home, without any partner with whom to share my sorrow," "I thought you were my partner, but I discovered that I've betrayed".
The term can also be shortened and used as parce. Meaning, of course, is the same: "last night I saw to Mauritius in a bar: was with a parce drinking a few beers", "I can't believe that mi parce has left the party without telling me", "thou art my parce, I can not lie".
It should be noted that partner is also a fairly common surname in our language. Tatiana Parcero, to quote a person who bears this name, is a psychologist and Mexican photographer, born in 1967 and based in Argentina. Juan Antonio Cruz Parcero, for its part, is an attorney at law who serves as research and teaching. You can also mention to Adriana Parcero, a Mexican designer who lives in Canada.
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