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Concepts and meanings of Parco

Parco,-AC adj.
1 Applies to a person who does something without exceeding: be taciturn food; be taciturn. sober.
2 Which is scarce but sufficient: understood it all despite his parcae words; the food was a little skinny and I was hungry.
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1. Definition of Parco

Parco is a term that comes from the Latin term parcus. It's an adjective that qualifies a person who expresses himself with moderation, usually with few words. Typically, associate the parco with someone soon retracted and sociable individual.
For example: "He was a man parco, which never aired their emotions," "can be so parco! I made several questions and just answer me with monosyllables"," my boss is parco: speaks only just enough to transmit their orders ".
ParcoIt could be said that otherwise a parco subject is loquacious and eloquent lapersona. Take the case of a man and his neighbors. With the person who lives in the House to the left of your home, just swap greetings; with the individual that resides on your right, on the other hand, usually talk several minutes a day and has shared dinner on more than one occasion. Therefore, the man in question may be considered that one of his neighbors is parco, a characteristic that does not share its another neighbor.
Parco, on the other hand, is a district located in the province belonging to the Department of Junin, Peru in Jauja. In that district, whose capital is San Antonio de Parco, live little more than 2,000 people.
It is possible to find the Parco Word as a designation of various companies. Parco, Inc. is a firm of California (United States) founded in 1941 that is dedicated to the manufacture of o-rings (o-rings). In Quebec (Canada), Parco is a company which was established in 1967 and that offers doors and other products manufactured with wood. PARCO is also the name by which is known to Pak Arab Refinery Ltd. (joint energy venture between Pakistan and Abu Dhabi) and a conference technology that it carried out in Germany.

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