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1. Definition of Equal

Joint is an adjective indicating that a certain organism is formed by parties which are equal in number and have identical rights. The most common application of the concept found in organisms whose members represent employers and trade unions.
As noun, the joint term usually refers to a Commission of character especialque consists of the same amount of representatives of businesses (employer) and workers (unions). The joint seek to generate an agreement on various aspects, labour delvinculo, such as the fixing of minimum wages or hours working per day.
ParitariasIt is usual that the joint are convened by economic sector each certain amount automatically, with the aim that the relations between workers and companies are commensurate with the current context. The joint allow update collective agreements that govern these links and solve potential conflicts (such as a strike).
In general, the agreement that emerges from a joint is reflected in the collective agreement for the sector. The agreement is approved by the Ministry of labour, which acts as a conciliator in the joint and that is responsible for formally its call.
Let's see how the joint through a fictional example. Bank workers, represented by the General Union of banking, are demanding a wage increase. To advance with your order, request the Ministry of labour to convene one joint. Thus, a meeting between representatives of workers and members of the National Association of banks is fixed. Once established the Commission, develop the relevant negotiations and remembers an increase of 20% in the minimum wage. Such an agreement is approved by the State through the Ministry of labour and the Bank, from a date set, begin to perceive the increase in question.

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