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Concepts of reception and derived words

Meaning of reception

The reception of orders is one of the processes of a logistics warehouse. It corresponds to the point of transfer of ownership between a supplier and a customer. It is a stage of important control to ensure the conformity of the goods before their integration into the stock of the company.
• Quantitative and qualitative control
• Integration of the goods received in the stock of the company
A/a receptionist is a professional who attends to customers or users of a building in a particular area known as reception. It provides all kinds of information and assistance, so it usually possesses knowledge about some of the secretarial Sciences. Depending on their specialty, tasks that can perform vary significantly. In hospitality they are regarded as 'The card of presentation of the hotel'.
The customer being its main task, it has a series of functions and responsibilities that vary depending on the type of establishment. Mainly provides accurate information, as well as deal with any service request from a client, well present form, by telephone, e-mail or fax. In tourist establishments, often speak several languages, change currency, selling press, excursions, translate documents and elaborate tourist guides. Also, some companies complement the formation of the receptionist by providing language courses. Change currency and sell all kinds of extras forces them to a balance of the box by each shift change as well as raise those boxes that per turn clockwise to close. (bar, restaurante, chiringuito), etc.) The courtesy that this entails, they tend to keep track of people who enter and leave the establishment, may at any time make use of cameras for surveillance and management of radio transmitters to communicate with the security team.
For the correct operation of the reception Department, maintain a chronological list of relevant developments in the so-called book of incidents, as well as the corresponding parts of breakages or cleaning for the various departments to proceed with its speedy repair mode. The importance of the book of incidents is that allows you to know certain details about noteworthy facts that may subsequently be consulted to resolve customer complaints or major incidents.
In American football, a reception is part of a move in which a forward pass released behind the line of scrimmage is received (caught) by a player within the field of play, who after the reception, proceeds to try to score a touchdown or be declared that he made down. If such pass is not caught by the receiver, it is then marked as incomplete pass.
A receipt should not be confused with a lateral pass, also known as pass "backwards", which occurs when the ball is thrown backwards or sideways to a teammate (presumably that the trajectory of this backward pass is not going towards the opponents end zone).

Concept of reception

It is the process of validation of quantities, references, and physical condition of the goods.
Here is where we receive all merchandise ordered from our suppliers, makes due review and all storage processes.
The receipt of the goods is of course an essential step but is not without its dangers if there are doubts about the provider. The delivered goods may present potential risks and to accept them part of legal liability is assumed at the same time.

What is reception

We called reception, Word originated in latin "receptionis" to receive action, and its effect.
It is the acceptance of a thing, to be live, emotion, idea or signal, which comes from another, to make contact with it, do own or destine it to the intended purpose. Examples: "I have received correspondence from my neighbor", "my dog has been received in the veterinary medicine to operate", "I have received a great deal of emotion" or "your thoughts have been reactivated by me and changed my way of seeing the situation" or "just receiving your radio signal", respectively.
In the common places intended for temporary or permanent housing like hotels, pensions or condo buildings, there is usually a place to input them, called reception, where visitors and potential residents are listed and recorded in order to be or not be admitted. It is also the place where if there is any person or closed places intended for that purpose, leave keys, correspondence, or other personal belongings of those who live there, to be withdrawn by them. Examples: "If you leave the hotel, don't forget to leave the key at the reception, since your absence avail themselves for all clean room". In hotels is also there where the doubts and problems are channeled and payment of the accommodation is made.
Companies, and within the production process, receipt of inputs that come from providers, is its first phase, then the sector purchases had ordered its delivery against payment. Sector aimed at reception should verify that the delivered goods match in quantity or quality contained in the purchase order.

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