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Meaning of review

As it has happened to us on so many other occasions already, we return to this opportunity against a term that you enter within the Group of transitive verbs. The word in question is none other than review. Before moving to try to give an explanation of their significance and conception, it is valid to remind its etymological origin. As well, in this sense we must say then that it comes from the latin review, which keeps the same meaning. In the first of their meanings, the word in question refers to look carefully; to examine something with utmost attention and care to correct errors. The typical example of this case could be the review exams before delivering them so that they are corrected.
Precisely with this latest action, you could also link the second of the meanings of review, which holds: in particular review, intending to rectify faults or defects that something can be presented. Perhaps for this case, in everyday use, use it mostly for machines or devices. An example would be: I took the car to the mechanic so that he could see the brakes which were bad, he told me that he was going to review. As well, to this exemplification well could cited another of its meanings, that says: Browse in order to fix, make sure it operates smoothly.
In another order, and because entering a specific area, is set to review follows: submit a thing to review to correct their mistakes; review with intention of correcting stale data with their current values. For this meaning in particular could plot saying: Esteban has to revise his monograph to correct grammatical issues that are currently already in disuse.
Synonyms for review
As well, beyond its meanings, use and context of use of this word, is necessary here to pass to cite their synonyms. Let's see: explore, examine, analyze, consider, study, review, verify, inspect, supervise and control, among others.

Concept review

The palabrarevisar is used with the Mission of express formatted examine very carefully and beware any object, document, thing, among others. My lawyer is responsible for reviewing all contracts that arise me. When one leaves the building security guards ask you to revise your bag as a security measure.
And on the other hand, employ this term to account for the submission of a matter, a second analysis with the objectives of object: fix, repair or check operation that presents those subjected to review. I will go back to review the review of frameworks, I can not believe that being an excellent student has made so many mistakes.
This sense of the word is generally used in relation to machines or electronic devices that do not function according to expectations, or directly stop, and then it is necessary that a suitable professional in this field, i.e., with knowledge of its operation, thoroughly examine the device solving their problems or to discover that it is what you need to do to bring it back to work properly.
It is essential that anyone will be review be doing the same, be carried out by an expert on the subject to review.
Although the term review presents a recurring in various fields use each time that it is necessary to undergo inspection for any situation or object, it should be noted, that in educational elcontexto is where more can find us with this action since it is a common practice that students before an exam, and once they have answered all the questions and problems involved in the samereview each of their responses so as to avoid that something has been unanswered or to avoid delivering the same with any error that can lower the score on the evaluation of teaching.
There are many synonyms for the word although without a doubt which we use most is the derepasar. On the other hand, the word neglect, is the one that opposes the concept that concerns us, because it involves the abandonment and neglect of something or someone.

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