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1. Definition of route

The route word comes from the French route, which in turn derives from the latin rupta. Is a road traffic, road or via that allows you to travel from one place to another. In the same vein, a route is the address which is taken for a purpose.

In countries such as Argentina and Uruguay, is said path to what, in Spain, is known as highway. It is way for public use usually paved, which are suitable for the movement of vehicles.
On the other hand, a route is the route planned for a trip. For example: "according to the route that we plan, first pass by St. Bernard, and the next day, will continue heading to Mar del Plata".
In computing, a route (from English path) is the way in which reference is made to a file or directory within a file system. In other words, the path indicates the exact location of the file or directory through a string of characters.
In communications, the links path is the set of points that allow you to join two endpoints.
Finally, we can say that the path (or ruda) is a genus of subshrubs that present a strong aroma and which belong to the family Rutaceae. It is plants that are native to Southwest Asia, Macaronesia and the Mediterranean.
Rue used to be widely used in various culinary recipes, although, at present, has lost its place of preference in popular taste.

2 Concept of path

Path is a path or road which connects different geographic locations and allows it to the people move from one place to another, especially by automobiles, although the presence therein of omnibus is also recurring.
In both and this topic mentioned, is the main issue that will differentiate a route of a road, since they are specially upgraded so that by them transiting vehicular transport: paved, with special signage, service areas to meet some basic needs on the longest journeys, among other issues. In countries such as the Argentina and the Uruguay is popular use of the term route to refer to this type of way, on the other hand, in Spain, premium using the road term to describe them.
When a route enters an urban area, to a city, for example, happens to be Street, then the allowed speed will be much lower than that which guarantees in the path without commuter populations. Generally, given a name of street, e.g. Hipólito Irigoyen, although people often called them with the name of the path even if it is a stretch of it that is located in the city. The clash occurred on route 197 and Constituyentes Avenue.
Good condition routes, i.e., pavement, lighting and cleaning can run at expense of the State in question or failing that have been delivered in concession to a company which through the collection of tolls to motorists passing through it, gathers resources for its maintenance, in addition to clear his own business.
On the other hand, the term path is also used with recurrence to account for the direction to be taken to achieve such or which aim in life.
Path to the route that has been planned for a trip is also called. According to our roadmap, we are first in Venice and then in Rome.
Also in the field of computer science we have a reference to the word route, since this way they designate to files or directories within a file system, the path will tell us the exact location of the file using a character string.
By his side, a path of links will be the set of points that facilitate the union of two extreme points.

3 Meaning of path

Ruta derives from the latin "rupta", a term which also resulted "route" in French, to designate a road linking different places, where circulating people and goods, especially in automobiles. This distinguishes them from what is conioce as path because they are specially equipped for the transport vehicle. Routes that enter in the cities receive the name of streets. In these the permissible speed is lower than on routes that do not pass through cities, or are close to populated areas.
Path in a broad sense it is then a footpath, road or track in a certain direction, which leads to an end material or spiritual; and in a geographical sense the routes are transport routes linking sites that happen to be communicated. In Spain routes are called roads. In Argentina there are 118 domestic routes, being the paved more than 33,000 kms. There are approximately 655 roads with 164,000 kms., comprising the State Highway network in Spain
State routes alludes to the maintenance which of them makes the State by their own means or by hiring private services. Many routes are maintained in good condition thanks to the payment of tolls that users make.
Roadmaps are signs of the various sites with which the traveler is located on a map of travel, to move from one place to another and serve him for his guidance.
A computer is a virtual path that will lead us to the directory, file, or file to which we try to arrive through directories.
In Puerto Rico with the word road is designated a revelry or clubbing.

4. What is path

The route word comes from the French route, which in turn derives from the latin rupta. Generally, it is defined as the path you need to take to get to a certain destination, both physical and mental, as in "We must trace a path for success" or "Already I sent them the path that we will continue on the journey of morning". In this sense, the word path can have a meaning very similar to the route.
In some Spanish speaking countries, the word path defines the roads which are roads conditioned for the transit of vehicles. In some regions, it is also common to refer to units of public transport with this word.
In the installation of communication infrastructures, referred to as route to many points that, combined, are able to connect places located at ends. A similar definition applies to aeronautics, where the path refers to the flight path, that is the journey that will follow an aircraft to reach its destination, and in some cases may include scales to refuel or make change of aircraft. When it comes to tourism, it is called tourist route to the places that the tourist must or should visit to meet full most importantly of the place where is located.
In the use of computers, the path is the path that the user must follow through the different directories to get to one specific.
In sports, and especially in football, is known as a route to the road that still unreceptor to be able to catch a pass successfully.
The study of Biochemistry, the word path referenced in the metabolic pathway, that is the order of chemical processes that lead an initial substance to several substances or final products.

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