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The word select use extended mode in our language to give an account of that action from which are chosen, choose, careful way, either things or individuals from among several corresponding to the same species or category, because they represent that better meet the conditions that are searched.
Noteworthy is that when we carry out the action of select what you will obtain is a selection that is characterized by presenting the criteria used at the time of the election. For example, in the case of a football team, the same coach, select, shall proceed to elect those players who are at their best football to play, either because they are in a good moment or because his physical condition is the best.
In another order of things, as it is in the workplace, more precisely human resources, select action is very common because therefrom, the professional who is in charge of the area, is in charge of choosing from among a varied number of aspirants, to one that better responds to the needs of the vacancy. Typically, subjects them to applicants through a series of tests in situ and also proceeds to perform an exhaustive analysis of the previous work experiences that presents each from the information in the curriculum vitae.
And in computing we also found a reference to this term, since select is an action that can perform both in the edition of text document, on a web page, among other alternatives and it basically consists in marking a portion of a text or an image to then be able to copy and paste it into another document. Be specific by clicking with the mouse in that place where you want to begin your selection and then pressed to mark all the text for example.
There are a variety of synonyms for this concept, anyway, the choice without doubt is that we most use from among the vast range of possibilities. Meanwhile, the word that opposes is the mix, because precisely it refers the union, those things, people who are characterized by its heterogeneity.

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