What is the meaning of Sexting? Concept, Definition of Sexting

Concepts and meanings of Sexting

1 Meaning of Sexting

From the year 2005, among teenagers in the world a cyber practice known as "sexting" became popular.
The term is a contraction of two words in English: "sex" and "texting" since initially this practice was reduced to send text messages with sexual or erotic content through mobile phones, however, with the advancement of technologies, now the sexting has included sending through any type of sexual material technology, erotic or pornographic photographs as, videos, e-mails, text messages, etc.

2. Definition of Sexting

Sexting: Fashion send erotic photos via cell phone
This new way of interacting in couple grows day by day and so found it a study done in the United States, which found that 36% of women between 20 and 26 years has sent photos of them nude or semi. However this trend also have dangers and we invite you to get to know them.
Technology and the arrival of mobile phones from the web 2.0 era, have undoubtedly facilitated communication between people. And in the midst of this desire and closer connectivity, couples have also managed to satisfy their desires with these devices.
Nowadays young people are taking advantage of the benefits of these advances and online that they are opting for sexting, a very recurrent practice that consists in sending messages or photographs of sexual touch through electronic media, especially cell phones.
This game has gained much popularity among adults, since it can be used as a form of flirtation, display and even as a way to demonstrate some interest in someone that is coming out. However the main objective of this is to give a touch more hot to the relationship.
According to a study by the national campaign to prevent unplanned teenage pregnancy (National Campaign to prevent teen and unplanned pregnancy) in United States - where 1,280 people participated in total, of which 627 was young adults - sexting is becoming a trend.
36% Of women between 20 and 26 years noted have sent photos of them nude or semi, while 31% of men said that it has also made this practice.
Along with this, 59% of young adults told have sent suggestive messages (SMS or e-mail), while 56% of women in this age bracket also recognized him.

3 Concept of Sexting

Sexting and its consequences
The practice of sexting has alerted the authorities especially in the United States, where has become is a problem and not only in a trend that is increasing; This due to the risks are exposed to those who practice it even to have problems with the law.
In our country, I suppose that the situation is less chaotic but not why it should be taken lightly, and when he reached the grade of the neighboring country, for sure we wouldn't what measures would take the law nor when it would enter into force. So the best as always, is to act from inside, and directly from our homes with our children.
And to say the emotional damage that this practice would cause to the victim, becomes a nightmare by the ridicule, humiliation and contempt are facing; on the other hand as these contents also are usually distributed on the Internet, they are exposed to blackmail and harassment.
In the American Union this behaviour has led to suicide of young people do not endure more.
Do we want to give our children a cell phone?, agrees, but under certain conditions and constant surveillance.

4. What is Sexting

What is the "sexting"?
This English voice, an acronym for sex (sex) and texting (writing, message), is used to name the increasingly widespread habit among young adults today send messages or sexually explicit photographs via mobile phones. Researchers at the University of Michigan (EE UU) have thoroughly analyzed the practice of "sexting" in 3,447 men and women, ages 18 to 24 years, and have come to the conclusion that is not of a sexually risky behavior, but it is becoming usual in part of courtship. "Is simply one of the ways that technology affects our lives, including sexuality and our sexual behaviour", explained José Bauermeister, director of the sexuality and health laboratory and co-author of the work which is now published in the Journal of Adolescent Health magazine.
In fact, his study suggests that those who practice it do not suffer problems of anxiety or self-esteem, besides that "sexting" is usually reciprocal and usually occurs between romantic couples, they already have a relationship.

5. Definition of Sexting

Sexting (portmanteau of sex and texting) is an anglicism of new style to refer to deliver erotic or pornographic content through mobile phones. He began by referring to the dispatch of SMS of a sexual nature. Do not hold any relationship and sending pornographic videos from nature with the term "Sexting" should not be confused. It is a common practice among young people, and increasingly among adolescents. Also used in Spanish sexteo.

Sociological aspects

Sexting is a consequence of the technological advances that facilitate new forms of social interaction. Throughout the history of communication systems, has been always exchanged messages with sexual content. However, ICTs allow communication through images and videos, which are intrinsically more explicit and have a greater impact. The new danger of sexting is that material can be spread very easily and comprehensively, so that the initial sender completely loses control over the dissemination of such content.


He pointed to the sexting as the cause of certain serious and unforeseen consequences. It has linked to such embarrassing situations, after photos have been passed to third parties, which have led to the suicide of the original sender.
Also, it has been pointed out as an activity which may expose minors to grooming and cyberbullying, as a means of pressure and ridicule against the photographed person.

6 Concept of Sexting

What does 'sexting'?

When a photo is uploaded to the network, erotic or not, ceases to be private and becomes public. There is where they begin (including legal) problems for policy-makers and hell victims.
Sexting is the remission of photos with pornographic or sexual content (which often take the same people who pose in the photos) and that is sent over the Internet or cell phones. Most of those who practice it are women, persons under 18 years. It also consists of messages with sexual content. This phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers.
People ignore photos that sent to their partners, to someone who they like to friends or to strangers often will be uploaded to the network, and there is almost impossible to avoid the massive dissemination of them.
Once the photo is viewed by colleagues, friends, or strangers, the person photographed or filmed may cause of teasing, bullying or harassment. When photo upload to the network, no longer be private become public. And it is here where they begin the problems (including legal) for people who have submitted this type of material.

Legal implications

And it is that sexting can give rise to cases of extortion, since sometimes it blackmails to shooting in exchange for not to distribute the images or video, that committed it.
This practice has, therefore, legal implications, since it can lead to illegal actions, related to offences against privacy, child pornography or sexual freedom.
This type of behavior receive a different legislative treatment, according to the country concerned, and the characteristics of the case. Production, possession, and/or distribution of child pornography, corruption of minors, etc. may be considered in some

How to prevent 'sexting'

The guidance on teens and sexting: what is and how to prevent it, carried out by the National Institute of communication technologies (INTECO) and PantallasAmigas, informs about sexting and its risks and provides guidelines for identification and prevention. There are a few basic tips, especially in the case of minors:
-Emphasize and repeat in juveniles the importance that has privacy.
-Dialogue reasoned, in atmosphere of confidence, with the children about the risks of this type of practice.
-According to studies, teenagers who fully pay your mobile Bill tend to practice more sexting.
-Locate the computer in a common place.
-Install parental control systems in the computer of the teenager.