What is the meaning of Framework? Concept, Definition of Framework

1. Definition of Framework

A system of reference or frame of reference is a set of conventions used by an observer to measure the position and other physical quantities of a physical system. Measures trajectories and the numerical value of many magnitudes are relative to the reference system which is considered, for that reason, it is said that the movement is relative. However, although the numerical values of the magnitudes may differ from one system to another, always relate by mathematical relationships such that allow an observer to predict the values obtained by another observer.
In classical mechanics the term is frequently used to refer to a system of orthogonal coordinates for Euclidean space (given two such coordinate systems, there is a twist and a translation that relate the measures of these two coordinate systems).
In relativistic mechanics usually refers to the set of coordinates space-time that allow to identify every point in physical space of interest and the chronological order of events in any event, more formally a system of reference in relativity can be defined from four orthonormal vectors (one time and three space).

2. Definition of Framework

The framework of referenciaconsiste of a series of agreements that will employ a researcher, analyst, observer, from them to measure a position and also to the physical quantities present in a physical system.
Geometric space through which passes through a body as obvious consequence of their movement in different positions and the value assigned to the physical quantities correspond to the frame of reference considered, and per case is that the movement estimates it is how relative.
However, it should be noted that even while the values of the variables can be changed depending on the system in which they are, it is a law that will continue to be linked by mathematical relationships which are which will allow the analyst to anticipate values achieved by another analyst.
Also known as a reference system, the concept that we are discussing is widely employee at the behest of classical mechanics and relativistic mechanics. Remember that the first deals with describing behavior that presented macroscopic physical bodies that are, whether at rest or in motion very slow if it compares it with the speed that holds the light. While the relativistic mechanics or relativity, developed by the scientist Albert Einstein deals with the theme of the motion of bodies and the force of gravity.
In classical mechanics, the concept of frame of reference is used to indicate a coordinate system. This system employs one or more numbers to determine the position that an object or point occupies. An example would you better understand: the system that allows us to indicate lengths and altitudes with the Mission of locating geographical points.
And in the theory of relativity or relativistic mechanics, the reference framework will involve a series of space-time coordinates which will facilitate the identification of a point of interest in space and thereby also the facts of any event with their respective order of succession.

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