What is the meaning of Childbirth? Concept, Definition of Childbirth

Definition of  Childbirth

1. Concept of Childbirth

Human childbirth, also called birth, is the culmination of a human pregnancy, the period of departure of the baby from the womb. It is considered by many the beginning of the person's life. The age of an individual is defined by this event in many cultures. It is considered that a woman starts the birth with the appearance of regular uterine contractions that increase in intensity and frequency, accompanied by physiological changes in the neck uterino.1
The process of natural human childbirth is categorized into three phases: the effacement and dilation of the cervix, descent and birth of the baby and the birth of the placenta. Delivery may be assisted with medications such as certain anesthetics or oxytocin, used to delay serious complications of childbirth. Together with the episiotomy (surgical incision in the perineum area), all this must not do it routinely, is safer childbirth which evolves spontaneously and which does not involve innecesariamente.2 in some pregnancies classified as of high risk for the mother or the fetus, birth takes place by caesarean section: the extraction of the baby through a surgical incision in the abdomen.

2. Definition of Childbirth

Depending on the use that is her term, childbirth may refer issues.
Any production physical or intellectual, likewise as at the behest of the language informal or colloquial, to designate a witty comment or a situation that cost a lot achieved, normally use the word confinement to refer them.
Although the most widespread use of the term which refers to the output of the fetus from the mother body and giving ended the situation of pregnancy of a woman.
In this sense, childbirth is considered by many as the beginning of a person's life and the age of a person is defined by this, that is, will be the date on which occurs the delivery to be taken as the day of birth of the individual.
It is considered that a woman is giving birth home from the moment in which begins to feel the first regular uterine contractions that increase in intensity and frequency and which are accompanied by physiological changes in the cervix.
The delivery process is composed of three stages: effacement and dilation of the cervix, descent and birth of the baby and the birth of the placenta.
While childbirth is assisted by a series of drugs in many situations, it is safest to the same evolve spontaneously, being recommended do not unnecessarily intervene with them, except medical indication.
When the practitioner detects some risk for both the baby and mother, indicate that delivery is carried out through the procedure known as Caesarea, which consists of the extraction of the baby through a surgical incision in the abdomen of the mother, rather than natural childbirth that is done through the vagina.
At present, in addition to midwives and the obstetrician who are those specialists involved in childbirth, is almost a tradition that the mother is accompanied by a partner which will give you an immeasurable emotional support at that moment so decisive that it is to bring a life into the world.

3 Concept of Childbirth

The notion of birth is used to name the process and the result of calving (giving birth). Delivery, therefore, marks the end of a pregnancy and the birth of the creature that is engendered in the womb of its mother.
For example: "labour lasted seven hours," "It was a difficult birth because the baby was entangled with the umbilical cord", "the singer's mother died in childbirth".
You could say that childbirth is the beginning of the life of an individual. From birth, after all, began to count the years that lives a person (date of birth, in fact, is the birthday). However, according to the religious or philosophical conception that is considered, some argue that life begins before birth.
In the case of human beings, when childbirth takes place naturally, the process starts from a widening of the cervix. The baby then begins to descend to be lighting, when it comes out of its mother's body through the vagina
Another possibility is from childbirth occurring induced way through surgery in the abdominal region of the mother. In this case, delivery is called a caesarean section and allows you to minimize potential health problems for the mother or the child.
Note that labor also is a conjugation of the verb splitting (separate or divide one thing; March towards another site): "Morning delivery towards New Zealand for business reasons", "best won't do more strength with this tool: to see if childbirth screw...".

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