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Definition of Field

1 Concept of field

So, throughout this article we're going to be focusing on the Word field. The same, etymologically speaking, derives from the latin. To be more precise, we will say that it comes from campus. This masculine noun has different uses and meanings, which vary according to the context in which used them. As well, usually it is called field that rural open space, which is usually used for livestock, pasture and cultivation, among other agricultural purposes. An example we could say: the field suffered more because of the latest drought.
Also, as we have already said, the word in question is used in various fields. For instance, also called field to that area that is reserved for certain physical tasks, either used as a playing field for certain sports. Graphing: currently, the players of both teams are entering the field of play. For its part, is called field through to that mode of Athletics which consists of travel certain distances in natural, not urban circuits.
Now, if we focus on the plane of sociology, the term addressed here comes to be a concept that has been in charge of developing Pierre Bourdieu. In this sense, it made reference to a system of social relations, which was determined by the possession and production of a specific way to the capital. According to this view, it comes to be the structured set of fields that define the social structure. Of course it is essential to do so taking into account the relationship of domination between them and their reciprocal influences.
In another, if we moved to the field of law, then we need to clarify that there it is common to hear talk about the legal field. The same forwards to the articulation of institutions and practices by which it is produced, interpreted and incorporates the law in the process of decision-making of a society.
Synonym field
When refer to synonyms, could count on the following: property, finca, hacienda, property; Orchard, planted, prado, countryside, terroir, ground; agro, campillo, outside.

2. Field definitions

Word that comes from the latin campus, and that refers to all types of flat land that is used for different purposes. At the same time, in philosophical or sociological terms, it is applied to refer to the conditions of possibility of an event. Generally, defined the ground with regulatory measures intended for the practice of any sport (football, rugby, hockey, golf, etc.).
In physics, on the other hand, it refers to that magnitude associated with each of the points of space. The measurable value of its intensity is called field intensity and is classically defined as force per unit charge. In this definition, the field represents the amount of force that acts on the load unit at each point in space; This can be seen in the case of a vector field, by using the field that lines, for both electric and magnetic charges, they diverge if they are of the same sign and converge when they are of opposite signs.
Initially was considered the fields only a medium mathematical Assistant, while magnituddes as the mass and the charge of the particles were considered to be really physical. Supposed that the forces between the particles changed immediately to produce a variation of its position.
In ancient times, there was what was called the field of urns which was a type of necropolis that characterized the period of the end of the age of bronze (1200-800 BC). Their remains have been located through much of central, southern and Western Europe and in parts of Eastern Europe. The cultures of this period were characterized by the incineration of corpses, whose ashes deposited in these polls, against the use of burial in the previous period.

3 Concept of field

The field is a term presenting a super extended usage in our language, which appears in various contexts expressing various issues.
One of the most common uses of this word is to refer to that broad field that does not have any building, which is located on the outskirts of the urban area and that is normally used to cultivate and grow, or failing that, to give of grazing cattle that it holds. Case it is a concept widely used at the behest of agriculture.
These characteristics do not present buildings, living far from the city and the abundance of green space is that the concept of field is typically used as opposed to the town or city centre.
On the other hand, the Word field is used to refer to that land which is reserved for certain activities.
In sport, also, it is a term very usaado to refer several issues. That venue, place, specially prepared to deploy the practice of any sport it is appointed as field. Also, in sports like football, the Court, playing field, in which the teams it is called as field.
In the military sphere, it is common to find with the word since it is used to designate the ground troops occupy within the framework of a military conflict.
Another quite common use we give to the word is synonymous with field, i.e. to refer to the scope of an activity.
To the set of themes, ideas, materials that exist about a discipline it is called field. In the field of philosophy is a very addressed topic.
At the behest of physics, we also find a particular reference, because it is the space in which develop actions between the particles.
And optics, referred to as field to the space occupied by the optical instrument, such is the case of a microscope.

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