What is the meaning of Grill? Concept, Definition of Grill

Definition of Grill

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1. Concepto of Grill

The grill or broiler is a tool of iron with a grid that sits on top of fire and on top of it you have to Roast or toast. It is located at a safe distance from the fire or coals. Foods are heat slowly, and once meats are, gets a little more grill to heat and this results in that the meat outside of it to become a more golden color, giving a better presentation, as well as stay crispy and remove possible residual fats from the meat. The meat prepared on grills is especially typical Argentine cuisines, Chilean, Spanish, Uruguayan, Peruvian and Paraguayan.
In the Rio de la Plata, given the widespread custom of eating Roast with great frequency, it is common that in the back yard of the houses has a barbecue, i.e. a kind of BBQ built in brick, with fireplace, which is wood fire and cooked the roast over low heat.
It is said that the grill was developed when placing a fence which surrounded a magnificent "Château", erred in the calculation. The baron property owner would have refused to pay the manufacturer the iron excess and, in revenge, the blacksmith would have used leftover grating as support to cook meat opposite the Castle. The aroma would have gone mad the Baron so much access to disburse the 2 Duchies owed, so it got the reja-parrilla competing.
Towards the end of the 19th century, in the surroundings of the Rio de la Plata, wrought-iron grilles were used to tighten the leather while they dried. It is attributed to the gauchos of the time using this tool for roasting meats that unfilled sluicing animals.
After a law of Amnesty issued in 1832 in Uruguay, thousands of common criminals and political prisoners once again saw the light. Colonia del Sacramento prison the celebration resulted in scandal when he began to destroy the jail. In a few hours, a band of cattle rustlers amnestied stepped into some cattle from residents of the area. A convicted tore off the door of his own cell and improvised the first modern Grill, whose results shared freed, police and bystanders.

2. Definition of Grill

The grill concept has several uses. The most frequent is associated with the device, located on the fire, allows you to broil food. When cooking on the grill, food takes on a characteristic flavor.
Typically, the grill used for cooking meat. Thanks to the slow cooking (attained from the location of the pieces at a strategic distance from the fire), the meat is golden on the outside and tender on the inside. The Grill also helps eliminate much of the fat.
The notion of Grill is equivalent to what in some countries referred to as barbecue. Racks are usually constructed with bricks and have a chimney that channels smoke.
In countries of South America like Argentina and Uruguay, it is frequent that the houses have a grill on the patio or in another external environment. It is a custom to share an asado (grilled meat) with family or friends.
The restaurant that specializes in serving roast is also known as Grill. For example: "last night we went to a barbecue with the guys and ate meat from alligators", "Manuel said that he would go through the House of Claudia when she left the grill where he works," "where prefer lunch? In an Italian restaurant or a grill? "."
Another use of Grill concerns, depending on the country, the carrier that is located at the top of a car: "Please, make sure that all of the bags are on the grill; in five minutes, we start".

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