What is the meaning of Supply? Concept, Definition of Supply

Definition of Supply

1. Concept of supply

Throughout this article we are going to be emphasizing the word supply. The same, etymologically speaking, derives from the latin. More specifically comes from subministrare. Of course, this last must be divide into sub, which means low; and ministrare, which alludes to serve. As well, if one looks for the term in question in any dictionary, surely that in its first meaning is bumper with one that holds that it is the action provide or give a thing required. That is, it would be effect or action of supply.
Of course that is very common within the environment of the economy, that supply is used as a synonym for supply. In this sense, it encompasses activity which is carried out in order to achieve those needs of consumption of any economic unit. Within this last, for example, well we could place any company or any family, among others. It should be noted that such supply, almost as an obligation, must be on time.
On the other hand, it is also common to hear talk about the chain of supply. Respect it is worth mentioning is that covers the processes through which the exchange of information and/or materials occurs. Such exchanges take place inside an organization, as well as on the outside of it with its suppliers and customers. Through this line relates to the providers of goods and services total clients effective.
Meanwhile, it is important to note that it is vital to ensure the proper functioning of the supply chain in order to achieve the maintenance of the stock.
In another completely different, already not so linked with the economy itself, the supply becomes essential in warfare. For example, cutting the supply to a city because of a series of bombings involving logistics, most likely a subsistence crisis is generated in this region.
Synonym of supply
As well, beyond its uses and meanings, the word in question has the following synonyms: provision, supply, rationing, food,

2. Definition of Supply

When speaking of supply refers to the Act and a consequence of supply (i.e., providing someone of something that requires). The term mentioned both the provision of food or utensils and objects and effects that have been supplied.
Economically, the notion is used as a synonym for supply. It is the activity that is carried out to meet the consumption needs of an economic structure (a family, a company, etc.). The supply, which may be associated with the English concept of supply, must carry out in time and form.
Thus, for example, we talk about that there are companies and industries that are in charge of supplying the various inhabitants of a city a series of services and products such as water, electricity and gas. This would be the case of Endesa, which is an entity that is responsible for the supply of which is electricity.
This term we are looking at leads us to establish further that in the case of Spain, there is what is known by the name of supply contract. This is a document that turns environment which is, in the public sector, the lease / purchase of a series of products or real estate.
In particular the phases that make up the process that takes the contract as a pillar are three: implementation, compliance, and finally what is the corresponding resolution.
It should take into account that the supply chain encompasses the procedures of exchange of information and materials that are developed within an organization either outside, in front of their suppliers and customers. This line links to all those who are responsible for providing goods and services to their respective customers.
The supply chain begins with unprocessed raw materials and ends with the finished products that reach the final consumer. The various processes are under control and operations management, which is the set of methods and means to carry out the Organization of a company or service.
It is essential to ensure the correct development of the supply chain to maintain the level of stock (the amount of products available to meet the demand). The planning of future needs is required to manage orders with suppliers.
Beyond the economic issue, the supply is very important in times of war. When cutting the supply to a city through bombardment of logistics, can emerge a crisis of subsistence in the population.
However, in this same area we can underline the fact that another meaning which has the term that we are dealing with is in relationship to what the military camp. Thus, often speak of supply in this case to refer to the set of provisions and other utensils that are given to troops for a moment and circumstance determined as it can be, precisely, a conflict such as the aforementioned.
In the same way, this concept is also used to encompass the whole of food given to those people that you can find in prison or that are defined by being punished.

3 Concept of supply

The word supply both refers to the action of supply, etymologically comes from the latin "subministrāre" as a result or effect. It can be defined as the provision or material supply, something that is necessary or useful for everyone who receives it, it can be a person, a family group, a city, a school, a hospital, a company; called quartermaster, when supplies are given to the army.
Examples: "the food supply to populations victims of the flood, was defective", "electricity supply is handicapped in summer, by excess demand" "the supply of drinking water is a necessity for preserving the health of the people".
To be adequate supply, the charge to make it must be a study about the possible demand and supply that will try meet it, making a calculation of possibilities, so that consumers or recipients are satisfied.
In business, sometimes it has a supply area for the delivery of raw material or materials that will be used in the production.
In accounting, within the "expenses" is often do contain a certain amount of money for "materials and supplies" needed for the production.
The various processes that are developed between the raw material and the resulting from its processing, manufacturing, are called together, supply chain, established in order to be well received by the customers, the more fully your needs. They are included in the string, to manufacturers, suppliers, transporters and sellers. The most important part of this chain is the client, for whom every effort is directed.
In the legal sphere, a supply contract is the agreement, onerous and sinalagmatico, where a party is obligated to provide property or services in a periodic and independent, in exchange for a consideration.

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