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1. Concept of Administrative Control in the Wikipedia Encyclopedia

It is the administrative function that is to measure and correct individual and organizational performance to ensure that events conform to plans and objectives of companies. Means to measure performance against targets and plans, sample where there are deviations with standards and help to correct them. Control facilitates the achievement of the plans, although the planning must precede the control. Plans are not achieved by itself alone, they guide managers in the use of resources to meet goals specific, then verify the activities to determine if they conform to the plans.

Purpose and function of control

The purpose and the nature of the control is primarily to ensure that plans have success to detect deviations from them by providing a basis to take action, to correct actual or potential unwanted deviations.

Control function provides the Manager appropriate means to check that laid plans is implemented correctly.

Control function consists of four basic steps:

• Designate levels of compliance; establish acceptable production levels of employees, such as monthly sales for vendors.

• Check the performance at regular intervals (every hour, day, week, month, year.)

• Determine if there is any variation of average levels.

• If there is any variation, take measures or further statement, such as a new training or further statement. If there is no variation, continuing with the activity.

The essence of administrative control

Control is the fourth and last function in the administrative process. As well as planning, control is exercised continuously. Therefore, there is control processes that must always be working at a company.

Control is exercised through personal assessment, periodic reports of performance (or actual results), as it is also called them and special reports. Under another approach, the control types are identified as follows:

1. Preliminary (through the ahead power) control; He is previously the action to ensure that the necessary resources and staff are prepared and are ready to start activities.

2. Control matching (usually through periodic performance reports); Monitor (through personal observation and reporting) the activities running to ensure compliance with policies and procedures, on-the-fly.

3. Control by feedback; Action a posteriori (repurposing), concentrating attention on past results to monitor future activities.

2. Definition of Administrative Control

Manage means to exercise the direction of a project that is heading towards a goal; It therefore consists of planning it and organize it in simultaneous steps and/or successive, which are necessary to monitor, so that they develop on the heading right towards the end. This supervision, is what we call administrative control.
It is the management control, whether a company or other institution either formal or not. This function is generally exercised by chiefs, directors or managers. At the State level, administrative control regarding who is head of the Executive branch. When he is observed during the control that errors exist, the media must implement to correct them. If the control fails, there will be no way to amend the faults that are produced at any stage of the administrative process.
For appropriate control, guidelines that should be followed in the process should be clarified, to compare if the proceedings conform to the beloved, and where appropriate amend the flaws. The actions can be controlled, and carried out them to whom; before the process, to see if they conform to the conditions and possibilities of the company; during it, for see if the course is right; and once completed, serves as feedback.
You can exercise control over the quality, performance and efficiency of the staff, on the operation of the machines, about the costs, risks, etc.
In addition, through control of the process, the course of the project, you can, even change if it is not feasible.

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