What is the meaning of Advertisemen? Concept, Definition of Advertisement

Definition of advertisement


1. Concept of  Advertisement

A commercial or commercial is the message intended to publicize a product, event or similar to the public. They are currently a persuasive purpose-related and are targeted to the promotion of goods and services. The greater scope of the ads are the media.
Also arguably is a visual, aural or audiovisual support of short duration that conveys a message that is limited to a basic fact or an idea, usually of commercial nature, understanding this last it is part of the advertising.
In some Spanish speaking countries, trade is the slang name that referred to radio or television announcements. A term that can be lent to discussion, since not all the ads that are issued are commercial (the example is ads used by public service advertising, the advertising of institutions or other types of non-commercial advertising). Ads may also be called political advertising service (not to be confused with propaganda).
The ad features vary according to the media:
• Television: it is the ideal medium for the dissemination of these messages, since you can combine images in motion with sounds and music appealing to the Viewer.
• Radio: ads in some cases called cots, are more persuasive than seductive as not having visual support they have to rely more on the argument.
• Graphic piece: in regards to the written press or in magazines, lacking the seductive power the television advertisement and the power of argumentation given voice in a crib, tend to exploit the brand image of the product to sell, similarly in the public thoroughfare where has the strong that it can make ads with highlight to attract more attention in the message more.
There are different types of ad example: social, private, commercial, political, among others.

2. Definition of advertisement

He is designated with the term ad to those messages whose purpose is to realize a product, its benefits and uses, in some Spanish speaking countries is also often called them as commercial, or some other event that by the importance which can be of interest to a large number of people or within a nucleus that is made up several people.
Ads that boast a commercial purpose are widely used in advertising, more precisely in order to give a greater mass to a particular product which can be new or you already have years in the market, but that precisely for this situation of presence and continue to maintain its place in the market, is so, protagonist of an advertisement that reinvents itself to make it ever more essential and not lose strength before the competition that go to appear you.
Means of mass media, including television, radio, newspapers, cinema, magazines, is the place in which the majority of ads are gather given the significant scope to hold. For many people, the fact that something is promoted or mentioned on television is reason enough to buy it and rely on the and the provision that can offer, as appropriate.
In addition, immediacy and stained glass that offers a medium such as television makes no doubt, of all the media, be the most chosen by the majority of companies to promote their products and services, because although it is a cliché, and for many times, I repeat, a picture worth a thousand words.
But on the other hand and as well mentioned above, there are some ads that do not have a commercial purpose, but have a more altruistic goal, for example those ads that have a clear subject to clarify, inform and teach respect to issues that will contribute to the improvement of the public good, they fall into this category. Among these we can mention those campaigns dedicated to road awareness.
And finally, also used the term ad when someone puts on notice to others on any relevant issue that can affect a large number of people, such as the inhabitants of an entire nation, as a representative for example announces the imminence of the realization of any infrastructure work or on one smaller scale, affecting fewer people, notice that a friend or acquaintance of his next commitment and marriage, also makes ads are called.

3 Concept of Advertisement

An advertisement is an advertising strategy framed on the need for a company to promote their product. The relationship that the goods and services with consumers are closely related to the quality with which ads exemplify the use of a product and more even, when these guarantee that the product is in optimal conditions, it is useful and it is appropriate and innovative to acquire it. An advertisement must contain a number of features with which the consumer feel attracted, to know what they are, agents specializing in marketing are responsible for doing surveys and market analysis to determine that the customer that calls attention want and more importantly still, which is the financial customer's capacity so that it may decide to purchase the product or service.
Ads are usually showy, large dimensions and high visual quality, this contributes to customer loyalty to the brand. Large companies given his great experience have a significant advantage in advertising with respect to the other issues, these companies have the ability to make presence in every strata of society, from the most humble to the most luxurious, since what manufacture are generic, necessary products at all times by the society and at affordable prices, in addition, ads promoting a product that is already knownso it is common to see an ad or a color or a form and associate it with the product.
The media are central focal business of advertising by definition, attract consumers at home, in the street, at work or anywhere, technology has been a major evolutionary change in society by the use of advertisement for advertising has become a tool more dynamic, with more skill and better breadth in social networks and media. The ads are an important advertising strategy, the same search expand scope of this in society border and frame in the minds of the consumer brand or product that you want to sell.

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