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Definition of authentic

1 Meaning of authentic

Authentic is the term that this opportunity brings us together. It's an adjective that is often used as a synonym of genuine. If you're looking for this word in any dictionary of our mother tongue, then surely the first meaning that we will tell the following: accredited real, true and positive. Before moving on to exemplify it, it is worth remembering that, etymologically speaking, it comes from the latin. To be more specific, derived from authenticus.
Well, are several and different examples that can be given to reflect the use of the term in question. For example: my grandfather built an authentic clay oven in the garden of his house, do not you imagine the rich leaving pies cooking in it. Continuing with the culinary arts and having meals as axis, another example would be the following: the authentic vitel tonnato takes anchovies among their ingredients, which supersedes them on other thing is not doing a vitel tonnato classic.
As practically all the words we use when we communicate, also which gathers us here has an explanation given by a philosopher. In this case in point, we focus on the sayings of Heidegger, who held that authentic self is linked with nature, with attitude, with a deep-seated and consistent behavior which must be sincere, true, and therefore opposed to superficiality or fiction.
In another completely different, going now to what has more to do with laws and legal, also he called authentic to what precisely is legalized or authorized and has official value. In this sense, a classic example that it is possible to refer is the authentic passport.
While a last meaning, which is more related to the attitudes of individuals, says: it applies to those who act according to their way of thinking or feeling. To graph would indicate: my sister is a real person, always speaks without filter and says what he really thinks.
Synonym of authentic
Let us now review the synonyms of the word out here: genuine, legitimate, trustworthy, truthful, pure, authorized, original, real, true, restrained, legitimated, legalized, undeniable, certified.

2. Definition of authentic

The authentic word employ it in our language to indicate what has been accepted as genuine and true for features that have, i.e., once analyzed them and according to parameters that precisely establish the originality or not, how real is accepted or rejected it for not being.
Usually when it comes to jewelry and furniture worth, are invited to an expert on the subject so that it recognizes it is an authentic piece or a replica that can pass as original but which in reality is not.
False replicas who want to be passed by some as real abound in the market and why it is that the expert eyes are used to detect it.
On the other hand, we use the word true to indicate when something is legalised or approved by the competent authority which corresponds. The birth certificate of my grandfather had to be subjected to further analysis but fortunately found to be authentic. Passport carrying was not authentic and therefore was detained at the airport.
The concept that concerns us in this opportunity offers a variety of synonyms: genuine, original, legitimate, to name a few, though, without doubts, which employ most is true. We say that something is true when it is true and real. On the other hand, when something is not, or is fake, is not true and counteracts the truth above all things we say that it is untrue, insofar as possible, this is the concept that opposes the authentic.
On the other hand, in the common language we usually use this term a lot when we want to express that someone is characterized by its genuineness, sincerity and present superficiality zero in their way of being and acting.
The real individual it is easy to recognize it because it acts so spontaneous and natural, saying what you think, even in contexts that might not be well received his opinion, moreover, it is not in pose at all.

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