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Definition of benefit


1 Meaning of benefit

The companies offer their employees a range of benefits that provide a series of financial compensation to its employees to improve their quality of life. However, should clarify that these compensations do not have a monetary character, so it can serve to supplement the salary that employees receive a monthly or bi-weekly basis.
In economy, you can talk of economic benefit, which is a term that is conceived the net profit that is obtained after carrying out an economic activity. He is characterized as vague position covering the positive outcome which is derived from these activities well either in real and nominal or monetary way. With economic profit, you can measure the wealth created well in a company or even a nation according to economic activity to be performed. To calculate it, you must subtract from total income, the costs of production and distribution.
On the other hand, also can speak of margin of profit, which is the difference between the selling price of a product without VAT and the cost of production or acquisition of the same. There are two types of profit margins that can be calculated: one of them is the gross margin, which make up the difference between the selling price (excluding VAT) or a service and its cost of production or acquisition. This is a margin before tax, which is expressed in monetary units / units sold. On the other hand, have the net margin, which is the profit margin but subsequent to the cancellation of the tax. To calculate it, you must subtract a unit gross margin, taxes that impact on the marketing of this product. Can be expressed in monetary units / units sold, as well as the gross margin.
In the legal field, referred to as benefit of division when a debt is divided by equal parts when there are two or more sureties of the same, applying a system of joint or joint obligations.
Synonym of benefit
Sponsorship, charity, please, well, grace, mercy.

2. Definition of benefit

The benefit is a generic term that defines everything that is good or is positive for who gives it or who receives it, understood as a benefit everything representative of good, the question part of a utility which brings positive outcomes that improve the situation in which there are vicissitudes or problems to overcome. A benefit is obtained in any way and to be able to identify them is necessary to apply the concept to any specific field. The most common are the economic and social, which produce items that are beneficial in both directions (for who gives it or who receives it).
In the field of Economics and marketing we found use of the term very versatile benefit, on the one hand, we have a constant production, a system advertising with marketing tools which analyze the market and the consumer constantly, these combine to determine a benefit for the company, ensure that customer is loyal to the brand, these strategies represent a positive work in a matter of matter for trade productionwhich in turn generates profits, employment, relationships and business growth. On the other side of the equation we stumbled upon a consumer in search of solving their own problems, and if there is a product that meets that need, that it is beneficial for him, in addition to this, in the market the product must meet certain expectations among which is the ability of this be acquired in any stratum, since if it isn't "Comfortable to Pocket" you can not be purchased by all, resulting in less benefit to society.
To determine is what is being done in the market so beneficial, notes of each reaction of the population, this way to maintain control of positive reactions, this will determine whether it is necessary or not change the strategy or improve prices or product. The benefit is a relative, necessary status keep him active in the presence of competitive actors who try to enter the market trying to retain the same group of customers.

3 Concept of profit

The term benefit is a word that gives an account of that element, product, or service that is delivered to a person for his good. The benefit can take specific dimensions (for example, a payment in money) or can be also abstract (for example, by giving the benefit or priority of Word a person before that to another). Always the word benefit implies some sort of good, that it may be more or less disinterested, but that it seeks to improve the quality of life of the one who receives it.
If we understand it by the side of the verb, benefit, we can clearly observe the significance of the benefit is, precisely, generate good, doing good to a person or animal. However, the idea of benefiting someone can have a downside if you understand that this benefit is received exclusively by that person and not on the other (for example, when it benefits an employee and choose it as the employee of the month).
When we talk of benefit from a particular point of view, generally make reference to any type of goods or capital which is delivered to the person to improve their quality of life. Thus, the word benefit applies commonly in labour areas in which there are benefits or 'gifts' to quienese play correctly and effectively their work. It is also common to consider the State's many actions as social benefits (for example, to ensure the rights of the worker, the assistance to those who do not have work or means of subsistence, etc.). In this case, we can then talk of welfare State, one that provides benefits to the poorest social classes.
Finally, the term profit can also be somewhat abstract whenever reference is made to something not quantifiable or measurable. Thus, are understood as a benefit for someone certain attitudes help, collaboration, accompaniment, advice, assistance and others but to emotional level and not material.

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