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Definition of Brainstorming


1 Meaning of Brainstorming

Brainstorming or brainstorming, also known as storm of ideas, is a tool of group work that facilitates the emergence of new ideas about a topic or specific problem. Brainstorming is a group technique to generate original ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.
This tool was designed in 1938 by Alex Faickney Osborn (was known as brainstorming), when his search for creative ideas resulted in an interactive process of informal group generating more and better ideas than the individuals could bring working independently; giving opportunity of making suggestions on a given subject and taking advantage of the creative capacity of the participants.
Numerous recent studies show just otherwise individually generated more ideas that group, so the usefulness of this technique is called into question. The conclusions were obtained from 22 studies of which 18 confirmed their hypothesis.
The main rule of the method is to postpone the trial, initially all idea is valid, and none should be rejected. Usually, at a meeting for the resolution of problems, perhaps usable ideas die early in a "judicious" remark about its uselessness or nonsensical character. Thereby ensures that the ideas generated, by analogy, more ideas, and also inhibits the creativity of participants. A brainstorming tactically finds the amount without claims of quality and originality is valued. Any person in the group can bring any idea of any nature, which creates suitable to the case treated. A further analysis strategically exploits the qualitative validity of produced with this technique. In the session an idea must be provided per round. So it is clear what is seen.

2. Definition of Brainstorming

Brainstorming in Spanish "Brainstorming" or brainstorm although it may not seem it is a business strategy and former marketing than at the beginning of the 20th century meant major changes in the field of logistics and organization of ideas in the institutions that employed them. A Brainstorming is performed in the presence of all components possible from a company, managers, service executives, creative and knowledgeable of the subject in study, these, versed in its ability to propose innovative ideas, placed them in a discussion, in this table, discussed all possible proposals to go discarding to the solution to the problem or circumstance that is being presented.
The genius of the Brainstorming is based on the versatility of the ideas which do not have a limit in relation to imagination, the possibility of raising any idea in order to give a shift in favor of what it is seeking to make a clear and positive possibility. This strategy is part of the compendium of features of marketing or marketing in order to present to the society a product or a service new, totally fresh in the eyes of the consumer and that cause impact on them. Advertising before being released to the public in general is undergoing this process, given that as well as ideas on the artboard are placed opinions, inquiries and responses of the client, in order to have a strong I mass of information to come up with propaganda in question.
This strategy is mostly for those procedures that require creativity and variety of ideas, practical knowledge of forms in which customer or consumer can react or just as important will be the impact received by the society with the product. However, there are approaches that can also be applied them Brainstorming in order to find the way or the subject to be treated, we refer to the thesis or work of grade, the first instance in a meeting of those who comprise it is to resolve which will be the theme which was based the project, here each who brings his idea in the form of Brainstorming.

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