What is the meaning of Center? Concept, Definition of Center

Definition of Center

1 Meaning of Center

From latin centrum, the word Centre has several uses and meanings. It is, for example, the point inside that equidista the boundaries of a surface or a figure. The Center, therefore, is the same distance from the North, South, East and West: "the geographical center of the city of Buenos Aires is located in the neighborhood of Caballito".
Center is also the place where converge coordinates actions, the Institute, which is responsible for promoting studies and research, the region which concentrates points or busiest streets of a population, areas in which there is a greater commercial or bureaucratic activity and the place where people gather for any purpose: "my father works at a Center for archaeological studies""I have to go to the Center to make a few arrangements", "Cuba is the center of resistance of the communism", "tonight the cultural center organized a concert".
A political grouping of Centre is the one whose ideology lies in the middle between the left and right: "I am not a revolutionary but also I consider myself conservative: I am a leader of Center".
On the other hand, the Center is a goal that is aspirated, the basis of a plan or a purpose why he feels attraction: "direct investments are the center of my strategy in business", "the trophy is the center of our efforts".
Finally, in football, referred to as central to the trip made by a player towards the rival area with the intention that a companion write down, usually with a headbutt.

2. Definition of Center

The Center is a term most often used in our language and presenting several references that just make such extended use of the word.
When something is located in the middle of something either away from the limits that it is in Center said.
On the other hand, that place in which are concentrated and coordinated actions, for example of a security force, it shall be said that officers travels are planned in the center of the federal police operations.
We also use the word to indicate to the point of meeting of the members of an organization or association.
In political terms, when we say that someone is from the Center, it is because it is in an intermediate political position between the ideology of left and right.
The superior institution which promotes studies and research on specific subjects, also, we call it as a Center.
The physical place in which intense activity takes place we call it Center, for example, recreational center. And following the same criterion to the place in which produced large quantities of something, of any product, it is also called Center.
In large cities, it is common for you call center to that area that is characterized by the concentration of commercial, administrative and recreational activities among others. For instance, in the Centre of the city of Buenos Aires it is possible to find shopping malls and cinemas for those looking for entertainment, but is also remarkable the amount of companies and entities that are located in the same.
Because it is an area that just meets these characteristics, centres, are usually filled with people and traffic, especially in what is considered business hours, 9 am to 6 pm. After this time, the area is reassuring and rests. By this situation many people flee you to life in the center of the city.
In sport we also find a reference, since thus you call the play in which a Player sends the ball from the side position to the control unit.
And in geometry, more precisely in a circle, is called centre point from which all those who are involved in the circumference equidistarán.

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